Learning Coach Corner

Volume II Issue 6

Great Things Happening in our Classrooms at South Middle School!

AVID students traveled to Johnson County Community College on the JO! Students explored the college and had the opportunity to ask questions about Admissions. They also interviewed several college students about their experience at Johnson County Community College. Students truly benefit from real-world experiences!

Domain 2: Managing Student Behavior

Sometimes in teaching, what seems to be the easiest of tasks can serve to be one of the most difficult. Any teacher on any given day can have difficulty settling into the classroom routine for the lesson. Usually this type of disruption occurs at the beginning and end of class and during transitions from one type of activity to the next. Students view this time as an opportunity to visit with their friends, and it can certainly cause issues when the teacher is trying to give directions, notes, or feedback. Quieting a Noisy Class offers some suggestions and examples of what to do to get students focused and prepared to work.

Growth Mindset:

The idea of growth mindsets has significant implications for education. One of the most important aspects relates to the feedback we give to students. Carol Dweck, states that when we give praise to students for how clever they are, we might actually be encouraging them to develop a fixed mindset. This can limit their learning ability. Instead, if we praise students for the hard work, process, and critical thinking in which they’ve engaged, that helps to develop a growth potential. Teachers can consistently admire students who take on a challenge, stick to something, and try many different strategies. Struggling means you’re committed to something and are willing to work hard. Asking the question, “Who had a fabulous struggle today?” and allowing students to share their thinking is an easy way to begin instilling a growth mindset in your classroom.

Tech Bytes: Airplay

Problems with Airplay can be frustrating, especially when the day's lesson depends on it. If this has happened to you, your Airplay may need to be restarted on your computer. To do this go to your Launchpad>Self-Service. On the right side of the screen, there is a list of items from which to choose. Highlight Self Help. Once this screen appears, you will see a box for Restart Airplay. Click on the box and follow the steps provided. Sometimes, Bluetooth and Airplay don't interact nicely with one another, so the Bluetooth on your computer might need to be turned off for Airplay to function effectively.