Auto Insurance

Steps to Find Insurance

  1. Go to
  2. Search "auto insurance" and click on the first link
  3. Read under the heading "Information on Purchasing Auto Insurance"

How to Control Insurance Rates

A 20 year old girl who lives in New York City is looking for auto insurance on her 2010 Ford Mustang. She is getting frustrated because she cannot find any insurance policies that she can afford. Variables affecting her insurance rate include:

  • her age (younger people have higher rates)
  • her residency (there is more chance of an accident or theft in NYC, so her rates go up more)
  • the age/model of her car (her car is relatively new and it is a smaller, nicer car; this causes her rates to soar)


  1. What insurance should I get? no fault is what is legally mandated
  2. What happens if I don't have auto insurance? high tickets after an accident
  3. How do I find insurance companies? look online or in a phone book
  4. What questions should I ask? rates, special deals, etc.
  5. What information should I bring up? personal info, age/make of car, driver's license #
  6. What will the agency give me? a premium quote
  7. Are there any additional insurances I can buy? property insurance
  8. What does it mean to be ineligible? your license is invalid
  9. Who can help in case of a problem? try to keep the issue within the company
  10. Does shopping for better rates work? duh! they are all in competition, you can maybe get lower rates!