Remembering the Story of

Anne Frank

Anne Frank Summary

What would it be like to wake up every day, imprisoned? Well, Anne Frank knew all to well about that. During World War 2, Jews were being persecuted by Hitler and the Nazis. In this Non-Fiction book, composed by Anne Frank, readers are really able to get a first hand experience of what Anne Frank's life was like.

Waking up every morning, getting ready for school and eating breakfast, used to be Anne Franks' typical everyday life. However, things all began to change with one letter. This letter was to Anne's older sister Margot, telling her that she must go to the concentration camps. Once Margot had read the letter, she told her dad and the whole family went into hiding. They gathered up some things, and moved into Otto Franks', " Secret Annex".

Everything Anne thought she knew about her life had changed. As things began to gain tension, Anne wrote in her diary. Whether it was fighting with her mom, or not having food, Anne wrote about it all. As Anne begins to settle, she likes an older boy hiding with her named Peter. How long will Anne continue to live incognito, and how long will it take for Anne and Peter to share their feelings?

Three Significant Facts

One of the significant facts that I learned from this book was that Hitler targeted kids because he feared the next generation. Another fact I learned was that Anne like both boys and girls. Continuously throughout the book, Anne expressed her deep feeling for boys, and girls. Finally the last fact that jumped out at me was how Jews believed in no kissing etc. with another person until you were sure you were going to get married.

Who will enjoy this book section?

This type of book would appeal to the people who like romance novels. However, it's not just a typical love story, because of the constraints put on Anne. This love story is one of the most unique love stories I've ever read, unfortunately with a sad ending.