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Victor Fields Elementary

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Principal's Message

Welcome Spring!

I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable Spring Break. The good news is we have come back to a short week. The bad news is this will be a busy and jam-packed week - so strap in because it will be bumpy ride! : )

I want to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility as we prepare for upcoming state assessments. There have been adjustments to the PE & Specials schedule, trainings left and right, library shutdown for STAAR camps, small groups out in the hallways, etc. Last-minute change is tough and even frustrating, but I thank you for being understanding and keeping an open mind.

Enjoy the short week and I wish everyone a blessed Easter holiday!

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  • Shout out to Mrs. Naranjo, Ms. Chavez and Ms. Morales for helping with the Conduct Celebration! Thank you! From Mrs. Gonzalez-Williams

  • Thank you to Mrs. Benavides, Ms. Trevino, Mr. Montemayor, Ms. Chavez, Mr. Sanchez, Mrs. Aguirre, Mrs. Lopez, and Mrs. Sandoval for helping with the Attendance Celebration! Could not have done it without you!
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Monday, March 21st

  • 8:30am - STAAR Training (small group proctors / monitors)
  • 4th & 5th Grades - meet with Ms. Cervantes during conference times

Tuesday, March 22nd

  • 4pm - Faculty Meeting (STAAR Training)
  • 5:30pm - Recorder Concert

Wednesday, March 23rd

  • Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, March 24th

  • Deadline to cover walls in all STAAR testing classrooms
  • Deadline for TELPAS Holisitic Rosters

Friday, March 25th!

  • Holiday - No School!


Ms. Mares, Ms. Shortill, Ms. Melendez, & Ms. Galvan-Loera, thank you for all you do! We celebrate you!!

Happy Birthday!

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