Ed Tech News

Volume 1 Issue 3 March 2016

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The Educational Technology Department will be offering open office hours on a regular basis throughout the semester beginning the first week in April and the first week of the month thereafter. The schedule will be as follows:

Tuesdays 1-3:00 pm (Basement level) B9, 10 or 11

Wednesdays 10-12:00 pm (Basement level) B9, 10 or 11

Thursdays 2-4:00 pm (Basement level) B9, 10 or 11


Video conferencing made easier!

Jim Lichtenthal, BS

Distance Learning Analyst

B09 Wende

(716) 829-2308 (Office)


Video on Demand

If you have need to make a short video to demonstrate a concept, show a screen capture of filling in a spreadsheet, or just letting your students see your beautiful face, there is a quick and easy (and free) way to capture video right from your desktop. It’s called Screencast-o-matic. The easy to follow instructions on the website will get you recording audio, video, and your desktop in a video format you can drop into UBLearns or YouTube. It records 15 minutes for free, or longer if you upgrade for $15/ year. If you have any questions or problems, just let me know – Jim.