Spanish III Week 16

Nearing the end!

Week 16 and looking ahead

This week we are working on the final lessons of unit 8, lessons 4-5. Students on task will finish the course this week, with the exceptions of the Final Project, the Final RLC, and the Final exam

**Unidad 8 - Required Live Class**

● Lección 4

Prueba de Vocabulario


● Lección 5

Prueba de Vocabulario

Actividad Cultural

Proyecto Final

Proyecto Final: Leer y Escuchar

U8/Final: Update your eLinguaFolio & Reflect

ALL lessons from Unit 8 are due on Friday night

Student who did not attend a unit 8 RLC last week will need to attend this week. The RLC sessions this week will be on Monday at 2pm, Wednesday at 7pm, and Friday at 5:30pm. For the following two weeks, the RLC sessions will focus on a course review and preparing for the final exam and project.

Please encourage your student(s) to read the announcements daily. I have students asking me questions about information that is posted every day, which tells me that they are not paying attention to the announcements.

Units 5-8 will close on December 31st. However, I highly encourage students to complete all work by the 18th. NCVPS recognizes winter break beginning on December 19th, and students who are working behind may not have many resources to help them. I will be available on and off during the time period of December 18th through January 1st. If you or your student attempts to contact me, I will get back to you as soon as I can, but it may not be immediately. Again, this is why I strongly recommend that students complete all work from units 5-8 by the 18th.

The Final exam and the Final project are both due on January 8th. On that day, the course will close and students will no longer have access to it.
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Thank you again for your support this semester! I appreciate it so much!