A November to Remember!

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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Can you believe it's November?! Where has this year gone??? Now is the time to kick your business into high gear. Whether you have been working your business consistently over the past few months, or you have yet to make a sale, November is your month.

Chloe + Isabel is providing us with amazing promotions all month long, market materials and the training to exceed all your goals. The only thing you need to do is decide what you want your December and January paycheck to look like.

Set your goal. Write it down and post it on your fridge. And work everyday to achieve it.

What is the best way to see results? POP UP! I can not tell you enough the value of popping up in person. Seriously, once people see the quality and sparkle of our jewelry in person, they must have it. You will make ten times more sales if you pop up in person rather than online. (Online pop ups are great, too, but it's harder to close the sale through photos and social media.)

One last thing....

PLEASE, do not rely on a few social media posts to earn you your paycheck. All retailers are clamoring for a consumer's business over the holiday shopping season. So, it is important to thoughtfully and competitively market your business in a way that makes you stand out from the pack. C+I gives you a great product, a lifetime guarantee, incentives to sell and added bonuses for your customers. Check out all the fabulous promotions and incentives below and create your attack plan.

Let's make this A NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER!!!

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Get Ready for 5 Epic Days!

Our Buy 2, Get 1 FREE promotion begins on Thursday. Last year, this sale was epic. Now is the time to spread the word, take preorders and encourage your clients to stock up on their presents now. Here are the details:

- Begins Thursday, November 12 at 12pm EST

- Ends Monday, Nov 16 at 11:59pm EST

- When a customer adds 3 items to her cart, she'll receive the 3rd (lowest priced) item for free

- Promo is stackable, so buy 4, get 2 free (total 6), buy 6, get 3 free (total 9), etc...

- Customer will receive the free gift with purchase when the total cash spend is $125+

- All cash spend will go towards the spend $500 promotion

Top 5 Holiday Selling Tips

Begin Today - Reach the maximum number of customers this holiday season by identifying your goals + creating a strategic plan up-front, then setting that plan into motion as soon as possible! A tactful + detailed day-by-day strategy will make all the difference in connecting with your network + closing sales. (Use this special holiday planner to get started right now!)

Offer Special Perks - Going the extra mile will make your business truly stand out during the hectic holiday season. Offer personal shopping services, holiday goodies, free gift wrapping, and use the corporate promotions to entice new + valued customers to shop with you (over + over!) this holiday season.

"Who, Who + You" - Now's the perfect time to get acquainted with this secret to clienteling! "Who are you shopping for? Who else? What do YOU need?" By asking your customers to share their shopping lists with you, you position yourself as their go-to resource for all their holiday gifting needs.

Make It Memorable - Sure, price matters, but emotion closes the sale. Enhance your pop-ups with festive decor + music that will make your customers linger (+ spend more) with you! When working your online network, use imagery + marketing copy that puts your customers in the holiday shopping mood. Check out the pop up inspiration here and here.

Don't Count Out Last Minute Shoppers - No matter how much you prepare, you'll always encounter those last minute gift buyers. (ahem, men...) When the calendar creeps closer to key holiday dates, reach out via email, text + social media and remember, the easy, personal + relaxed C+I shopping experience can't be beat.

Here's to an amazing holiday season with C+I!

XO - Johnna

Please know, I am here for you and I want to see you succeed. I am an MM because I want to help empower women to create their own business. I have been with C+I since August 2014 and I will hit $30,000 in sales this month. Hello #FOREVER40 club! I am proud of my business and I want you to have the same successful experience. If you have a free 10 minutes and are serious about building your business, I want to chat with you. Please set up a time to talk here. Cheers to a sparkling holiday season!