Cindy Livengood

Integrated Math 1 Teacher

A bit about me.

I am married and have 2 dogs. My dogs are boxers and their names are Harley and Tilley. I love to kayak, fish, play softball and ski. I love being outside and enjoying nature. I have a mathematics degree from UNCC and I also teach at RCCC. I am an advisor of student council.

My Schedule

1st Block- Planning


2nd Block- Math 1

3rd Block- Math 1 (1st Lunch 11:05-11:35)

4th Block- Math1

Pictures of my life

Guaranteed to be challenging and fun.


- I offer tutoring on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-3:00.

Do I need a calculator?

- You can buy your own calculator or you can use mine in class. (You cannot take them home)