PreK December Newsletter


Saturday, Dec. 8th, 8:30-10am


Sign Up For Our PreK Brunch Potluck is Located by the front door - sign up for what you are able/willing to bring.


Arrival & Explore - invite your child to share their favorite spaces

Nibble on Brunch- tables will be at the ready as well as coffee, water and juice.

Points of Interest will be out for family engagement- paint with pine boughs, build a log cabin etc.

Circle Time! The children would love to show off some of our Winter Circle. Please come ready to fake sing along and move your body- this is a participatory event :)


The Gift Of No

Below is a link to an article I was given when my oldest was in prek at Prairie Hill Waldorf School. In the piles of articles and suggested readings over the years, this is one that I have handed out to families around the holidays.

It speaks to the greatest gift that we can give children in this hub-bub busy time of year and culture! It speaks to the firm loving boundaries that their challenging behaviors are BEGGING for. So, if you have a cup of tea, a long meeting or wait I encourage you to read.

Otherwise consider this, the greatest gift this season could be the gift of "No". The top layer of this phrase for me is that apparent parenting instinctual "No" that comes out. The decision to stick to a boundary, stick to a goal of less screen time or firm bedtime routine/time, No to the second treat of the day. We all could use a little No sometimes. The children are figuring out their place in the world as well as their power over it. It can be terrifying. They of course will not outright say that often- but I ask you to reflect on this: a child is given an assortment of options/choices/offers at every turn in their day... by the time dinner hits and there is room for negotiation they are an angry tyrant! The behaviors of testing bedtimes, melting down when we don't get what we want- those are times to hold firm, use the No, give the illusion of choice if they are used to that power, but hold those over wired babes with love. YOU are their guide - YOU are the one holding the boundary, the lantern in the dark, and that release button to just be able to be. They will learn the No and it will of course evolve over time, but when offered with Love it is a gift.


Thank you all so much for the great effort you have been putting into keeping these littles warm!!

The weather will only get colder- so this is a great time to check in with them- ask them if they are cold while we are out.

THICK SOCKS DAILY PLEASE! We are experiencing some cold toes

A Scarf, Balaklava, Buff- whatever you've got. Please Send one daily! They really keep the wind from sneaking in and nipping our cheeks as well.

Keep up the great work with under layers as well- once they are all geared up there should be three layers on bottom, 3-4 on top, thick socks, boots, two gloves is really working great, hat and scarf.... yes, an oompa loompa

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We Love Our Village

We are so grateful for the team of teachers that support our PreK program!

This summer we had the pleasure of working with Ms Autumn and as the semester comes to an end as well as her placement work, she will be a welcoming face some mornings.

Ms Sheri recently joined the team as well as one of our afternoon teachers - having worked in the elementary schools she is more than versed in our work. The children have been enjoying her company at lunch as we tell her about our days.

Ms Ashley and Ms Alyssa will be leaving us as the semester comes to a close, wish them well as Ms Ashley graduates and Ms Alyssa begins her nursing placement!

Our continued gratitude for the perpetual support of the program to Mrs. Barndt and Ms Helen who are always at the ready to engage the children and grow their wonder.

With the standard for high quality teachers (who are of course all amazing people!) we are grateful to the families for being flexible as well so that we can accommodate schedules of staff- to ensure the balanced, engaging, and incredibly thoughtful days it truly does take a village.

Milestone/Developmental Indicator Goals

Every two months we will have this section- an academic look into our activities. You will see the Key Developmental Indicator and the category and description. This is the goal that I hold in the back of my mind. There are so MANY topics/goals/milestones that we look for daily or when we think through our time seasonally. This bring a spotlight to different areas so that we are sure to reflect on a multitude of areas for a well rounded PreK experience. Some of these are quite hard to capture a photo of, but when I can, I certainly will try to!

For December & January 2019 the teachers will be reflecting on:

A. Approaches to Learning:

Initiative- children demonstrate initiative as they explore their world.

(Create a game to play, find a way into a group, set a goal for their morning etc)

*The children have created a multi-day play on Santa's sleigh- finding a way to include most of the class appropriately. * When they take that needed pause, we watch for them to engage in an appropriate "now what do I do" activity.

B. Social and Emotional Development

Emotions- Children recognize, label and Regulate emotions

*We continue to work diligently to speak to the person we are upset by, rather than teacher. Teachers will facilitate as needed, often a "how did that make you feel, how did that make ___ feel" conversation at the level each child is at.

C. Physical Development and Health

Fine Motor Skills- children demonstrate dexterity and hand-eye coordination in using their small muscles

*Working with scissors is a very new and exciting challenge for some it seems- this is a great time to work on those snowflakes!! We will be beading and using scissors often!

D. Language, Literacy and Communication AND/OR Social Studies

Speaking- Children express themselves using language.

*Through song, poems, conversation. Taking turns listening and story sharing.

E. Creative Arts AND/OR Science & Technology

Predicting- children predict what they expect will happen & Observing- Children observe the materials and processes in their environment.

*Beautiful lessons abound as the seasons change. Just today we got to observe and contemplate how similar our bowl of water topped with ice was to a pond this time of year!

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December will have no off site field trips - we will be focusing on a few projects and letting the bus head in for a winter checkup! IF we do determine one will support the children we will notify you via email 3 days prior.