Ever tried to catch a shadow?

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WhiteShadow catch phrase:white and red is the last thing you will see

WhiteShadow Backstory

WhiteShadow grew up in Minnesota. He lived in a little town called Marshall. His parents were killed right in front of him. He was in multiple foster homes. WhiteShadow was an average man worked and never got into trouble.He went to work everyday did the same old job for years. Then he got struck by lightning. The lightning didn't kill him it actually gave him super powers. So now he intends to find the people that killed his parents and to help others in danger.

WhiteShadow Code: you only live once so live in the moment

Powers/special weapon and abilities

WhiteShadow can fly , he has super strength, and he can jump high. he also has a sword that is deadly when used.


WhiteShadow is a quiet person that doesn't say too much. He hates sympathy but loves it when people calls him their hero. His weakness is unknown. The most important thing you need to know if you are or somehow turn into a criminal is don't ever expect mercy. You are innocent until proven guilty. 1 problem is when whiteshadow see you......... you're already guilty.