Michael Jackson Dissatisfied

Leyna Pence

About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an American singer. He was deemed the "King of Pop". He was greatly famous, and had been in the music business all his life.


Michael Jackson was dissatisfied with life. He had what most people would consider everything. But he was unhappy with the media, and the rumors told about him. It was shown that he was unhappy by his appearance, health, and life choices. Also it has been conspired that he may have committed suicide ( the theories vary). During his life was not he was happy with his appearance so he altered it drastically. He was generally unhappy with life and went through many drug addictions and eating disorders that were likely caused by depression.


What exactly made Michael Jackson so successful and the King of Pop? Here's a list of what he did to earn his title:

  • His first four No. 1 hits
  • Thriller
  • The Moonwalk
  • He once won 8 GRAMMYS in one night
  • Hollywood walk of fame X 2
  • GRAMMY solo performance debut
  • GRAMMY legend award
  • The Jackson 5 and the Rock Hall
  • 2.6 million downloads sold
  • He scored a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.... in 2014.

What else is there?

All in all, Jackson definitely seemed to want more from life. He sought out ways to get what he wanted, but he chose wrong the things.