Tennis, Anyone?

Joey C. 8-224

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Tennis is one of the greatest sports known to man since its beginning. There is a multitude of people who have played tennis their whole lives and are still playing at ages in the high 90s. Tennis is a lifelong sport that benefits anyone and everyone that plays it.

The best players from yesterday and tomorrow

Bjorn Borg, left, was the king of tennis in his day which is, unfortunately, long gone. Roger Federer, middle, was the number one player for the past few years and has been the favorite of millions for years. Sadly, his peak performance time is coming to an end because of his age, but Andy Murray, right, is on a rise and might come in to take his place since he is younger and about to get his head together to win many more titles than he already has.

Roger's impossible shot


Roger Federer Impossible Shot by Studentfour

Tennis History

Tennis began as a sport for only the wealthy people, however, in the beginning of the sport, there were no raquets. They had to play with their hands, and the ball was made out of leather. Since then, the game has changed so much that people of all amounts of wealth can play. There is also an extremely large amount of professional players playing in their own league. This is so significant because the better players used to not have a specific league to play in, but they had to play with the lower level people.