Critical Events

By Mitchell Schlitter

"Middle Class Debate"

I feel that if everyone at least heres or knows about the middle class today and i wonder if most people actually think of what could happen to the middle class. Most modern day families are middle class today and i feel as if presidential candidates really don't touch on the middle class when they debate. I think the middle class should almost be number one priority today because the middle class is mainly what runs the country here in modern day america and I think that we should focus a lot more on saving the middle class instead of just shaking are heads and just turn the other way. Thats not right to do. I mean are middle class is not strong we have over 47 million people living in poverty and not even middle class.


"United States Wages Are Starting To Go Up"?

Some people may say wages are going up I mean McDonalds workers are supposed to be making 15$ Shortly. If they do so decide to raise minimum wage to 15$ it wont help anything, it will just make prices go up on everything so even if you do raise it, everything will just go up in price so it wont fix anything we will still have the same problem. I personally think nothing will fix it cause i just think that it is pointless to raise the minimum wage.


Ford To Invest 9 Billion

Ford has planned to invest 9 billion into having plants on United States soil, they also plan to invest 2.5 Billion into Mexico plants. It still does not help are problems because these big companies are leaving there plants and moneys in other foreign countries so they don't have tax problems. But you cannot complain they are putting plants in America but they should be made to have more hear which will give us better economic development.

I think that this will help with some of the economy but companies that originated in america should stay in america and not move foreign cause they make more money


How Much Value Does The Dollar Hold

The dollar in the past 10 years has been getting closer and closer to being worth as the euro. The last time it was the same as the euro it was 10 years ago. But two us a dollar is a dollar it does not change its value to us but between other countries it changes. Prices are different to other countries. The dollar changes with price value of other things such as products at a store.


Banks Need Money To Not Fail

Banks need a total of at least 1.2 million to be ready for the next financial meltdown. I don't understand why they need it. But i understand why because of people putting in money the bank never has enough money for all the people to come and pull money out of the bank But if there is another financial meltdown they will not have enough money to give back to everybody that put money in.