The Perseverance Tribune

Erik Roche


In ashes of roses, when Roses family gets to Ellis Island they find out that Joseph has Charcoma. This means that he can’t get into America and so the dad has to go back to Ireland with Joseph. Rose, her mom and her two sisters go to America and the mom doesn’t like it at all. This leads to the mom and the youngest of the sisters going back to Ireland as well. Now Rose and Morine are alone in America, and they have to take care of each other. Overall Rose and Morine face lots of adversity in America. This leads to Rose and Morine having to find shelter, so they look and find a room for rent. They rent the room, but soon Rose has to quit her job because of her boss. Gussi helps Rose get a job at the Triangle, and Rose enrolls Morine into a school. Rose quickly makes friends at the Triangle and decides to go to the Nickelodeon with them.