TMHS Wildcat Choir April 17-21

This week at a glance...

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We had a blast on our Spring Trip to San Antonio and Bandera!

If you have any photos from the Spring trip, please share them with our TMHS Choir Historians. Check the white boards in the choir room for their email!

Choir Banquet

It's time to buy tickets for the banquet! Join us on Saturday, April 29, from 7-10 PM at the TISD Event Center (see the address below) for a night of good food and lots of fun!

We're very excited because this year all students will receive a FREE ticket! However, it is very important that EVERY student fill out the form below EVEN IF NOT ATTENDING so that we know how many people are coming. Family members and guests can purchase tickets for $25 each (students cannot use points to purchase tickets for their guests). The link for purchasing tickets can be found at the end of the form. The form must be completed and tickets purchased by Wednesday, April 19, at 11:59PM.

You can fill out the form below!

We do need a little help though. We're asking each student who attends to bring the following items (according to his or her choir and part). Please bring food items in disposable containers if possible. If not, please mark your container with your name so that it can be returned to you at the end of the banquet.

Belles & Bel Canto
Soprano 1s - Dr. Pepper
Soprano 2s - Coke
Altos - Sprite


Tenors - Root beer
Baritones & Basses - Water

Soprano 1s - Cubed pineapple
Soprano 2s - Whole bananas
Alto 1s - Mini Rice Krispie treats
Alto 2s - Whole strawberries, washed and dried
Tenor 1s - S'more-sized marshmallows (but not XL)
Tenor 2s - Pretzel sticks
Bass 1s - Oreos
Bass 2s - Pound cake cut into 1 in. cubes

Don't forget! Fill out the form below and buy your guest tickets by Wednesday, April 19th. See you at the banquet!

TISD Event Center
20235 Cypress Rosehill Rd.
Tomball, TX 77377


Our students will be traveling to UIL to compete in concert and sightreading this week! Their times and locations are below. Students will be on a field trip list and if there is any class missed, it will not count against exemptions. Parents are welcome to come to watch the concert and sightreading portions of the contest.

Belles: April 19th @Willis High School

Students will report to the choir room at 1:00pm on Wednesday, April 19th at the conclusion of C lunch. Students will need to bring their formal black choir dress, all black shoes, and anything else needed on Wednesday. They may bring their things in the morning and leave them in the choir room. We will depart TMHS around 1:30pm and will return around 5:00pm.

  • Warm Up - 3:00pm
  • Concert - 3:20pm
  • Sightreading - 3:40pm

Varsity Tenor/Bass (Dudes and Chorale Guys): April 21st @Klein Cain High School

Students will report to the choir room at 7:20am before 1st period on Friday, April 21st. Students may wear their tux to school, or may bring it to school to change into during 1st period. Please do not forget all black shoes and tall black socks. We will depart TMHS around 8:00am and will return to campus around 10:15. At that time, Dudes will change clothes and return to class. Chorale guys will go to lunch and wait at Klein Cain for the Chorale girls to combine for Varsity Mixed. They will return to TMHS around 4:30pm

  • Warm Up - 8:40am
  • Concert - 9:00am
  • Sightreading - 9:20am

Varsity Treble (Bel Canto and Chorale Girls): April 21st @Klein Cain High School

Students will report to the choir room at 10:36am on Friday, April 21st at the conclusion of 3rd period. Students will go to A lunch. Students may bring their lunch and bring it to the choir room to eat and then change, or get their lunch from the cafeteria and bring it to the choir room. Students will need to bring their formal black choir dress, all black shoes, and anything else needed on Wednesday. They may bring their things in the morning and leave them in the choir room. We will depart TMHS around 1:15pm and will return around 4:30pm. All students will remain at Klein Cain for the Varsity Mixed (Chorale) performance due to transportation.

  • Warm Up - 1:40pm
  • Concert - 2:00pm
  • Sightreading - 2:20pm

Varsity Mixed (Chorale): April 21st @Klein Cain High School

  • Warm Up - 3:20pm
  • Concert - 3:40pm
  • Sightreading - 4:00pm

Coffeehouse 2023

We are so excited for a new event, Coffeehouse!

Coffeehouse will be on April 28th at 7pm in the TMHS Cafeteria. We hope you'll join us and see the wonderful performers!

Ryan Kabrich, Camille Hannam, Kaylee Miller, Bryce Box, Jacob Leatherman, Ethan Pangan, Jennifer Williamson, Catherine Seal, Angela Zamia, Amal Sarwar, Chineye Nichols, Alyssa Parker, Claire Sellers, Hannah Mikulin, Irish Ramirez, Joe Moreno, Julietta Townsend, Shelby Rowan, Sofia Cordova, Tim Zhao, York Thomas, Ismael Alvarado, Hailey Baddock, Tito and Avery, Madison Mouirhead, Kira Miller, Andria Walls, Evelynn Bennett

Purchase your tickets below!

Student Superlative Awards


Each year at our banquet, we give out various awards that are voted on by students. Please fill out the google form below to nominate any choir student!

You are limited to ONE response only, so choose wisely!

Please complete by Friday, April 21st!

Spring Trip 2024 NYC Interest

Next year is our out-of-state trip year and the TMHS Choir and Orchestra Departments have been approached about a collaborative performance in Carnegie Hall during Spring Break of 2024! This is an exciting opportunity for both of our programs! Approximate dates are Wednesday, March 13th - Monday, March 18th, 2024. This will be the only trip offered for the Spring of 2024.

***We will have a hard deadline for trip deposits of $300 on May 1st. More information will be coming this week about where and how to make your deposits.***

Below is the presentation and notes from the Interest meeting from Thursday night.

Please fill out the interest form below so we know what your family is thinking in regards to next years NYC trip! Please fill out the form even if you are not planning on traveling with us to NYC.

**Mandatory Wildcat Choir Camp July 31-August 4**

As we are nearing the end of the school year we wanted to go ahead and put Wildcat Choir Camp on everyone's radar. This is our own summer camp for all Choir students that is required and expected. The schedule and dates for this camp are below. Wildcat Choir Camp will be held at TMHS and lunch will be provided each day.

Following Wildcat Choir Camp, we will host our own District Choir Camp for all students wishing to participate in the Texas All-State Choir Process. Chorale is required to participate in this process.

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TMHS Choir Audition Form

If you are returning to choir next year, this is the first step in your audition. Please fill the google form below to indicate what choirs you would like to be considered for.

There will also be a sightreading/interview portion with Mr. Ragsdale and Ms. White after UIL.

Middle School Pop Shows

If you are interested in helping with either Willow Wood or Grand Lakes Pop Shows in May, please fill out the form below. Students can receive letterman jacket points by helping at one of these pop shows. If we have enough helpers for both, we will try our best to not duplicate helpers for the shows to give more opportunity to more students.

Please know that if you are chosen to help, you must be there at the designated call time. Call times will be set by the directors and will be communicated to students helping as soon as we know. The time commitment for both pop shows may be approximately from 5:00pm-9:30pm. Student helpers must find their own mode of transportation to and from the junior highs. All student helpers will need to wear their choir polo, jeans with no holes, and closed toe shoes. Either Ms. White or Mr. Ragsdale will be at the pop show to check in with all helpers.

St. Paul's Choral Scholars

If you are interested in auditioning for the St. Paul's Choral Scholars program, please see the flyer!

Voice Lessons

We still have a couple of spots available in our private voice studios for this semester. This is an incredible opportunity for students to learn one-on-one with an experienced private instructor to grow as a musician, as well as gain confidence as an individual. The concentration on individualized vocal technique benefits students in all areas of vocal music, including Pop Show and Musicals.

We have two music-degreed private instructors who have performed on various stages throughout the world. During the school year, we have at least two solo competition opportunities for students to compete in, and a recital at the end of the year to showcase their talents to family and friends. The students who participate in a private voice studio will also benefit by including their successes in various competitions on their college application, regardless of their pursued major. In addition, many universities have scholarships for non-music majors that these students would be eligible for.

Students receive 23-minute lessons once a week, at a rate of $24 per lesson paid directly to the private instructor. This is a bargain in comparison to the usual $35-50 lessons from outside vocal coaches! Lessons occur during class time, so there is no conflict with after school tutorials or events. You may also use fundraising points to help cover voice lessons as well!

If your student is interested in beginning lessons, please let us know!

Sections of the Week!

Belles: Soprano 1s

Dudes: Tenors

Chorale: Basses

Bel Canto: Altos

Major Chords: Tenors

Choir Student College Acceptances

As we continue the school year, we wanted to highlight our seniors who have applied and been accepted to various Universities around the country. Congratulations to all!
Ella Brown - SHSU

Kadynce Royer - SHSU

Reagan Maxwell - UNT, SHSU

Julietta Townsend - SHSU

Sydney Lopez Martinez - OU, UNM, UA, MSU, NAU, ASU, UMHB

Logan Brown - UNT, TXST

Kai Miller - UT Austin

Makayla Padalino -TXST

Kaylee Caudle - Rice

Jayne Banda - TXST, A&M, SHSU, TCU

Avery Budzisz - TXST, UTSA, A&M

Kaylee Miller - FAU, UCF, UNF, UH, SFU, UNT

Yerim Colin - Harvard, UT Austin

Mikaela Pearson - UMAINE, UMH, A&M

Paul Nguyen - PSU, Baylor, Indiana

Amal Sarwar - UH, UT Austin, Baylor

Huy Nguyen - UH

TMHS Choir List of Spring Events

Tuesday, April 18 - Combined Chorale/Dudes/Bel Canto Rehearsal, 5:00-7:00pm

Wednesday, April 19 - Belles Non-Varsity UIL @Willis HS

Friday, April 21 - Varsity TB, Treble, and Mixed UIL @Klein Cain HS

Friday, April 28 - Coffee House @TMHS Cafeteria, 7:00pm

Saturday, April 29 - TMHS Choir Banquet @ TISD Event Center, 7:00pm

Monday, May 8 - Spring Voice Recital, Times TBD

Thursday, May 11 - Senior Recognition Concert (Spring Concert), 7:00pm

Monday, May 15 - New Chorale/Chamber Members Rehearsal, 5:00-7:00pm

Tuesday, May 16 - Combined Choir Council Meeting, 3:00pm

2023 Spring Finals Schedule

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  • Students must attend all Review sessions to remain eligible for Exam Exemptions (see below for Exam Exemptions).

  • During Spring Final Exam Week all late arrival or early release Senior students need to make arrangements to be on campus for scheduled exams at these posted times.

  • There will be no Final Exams given earlier than the scheduled date and times listed above.

  • Students must remain in their testing period the entire time. Students will not be allowed to check-out of an exam period early when finished and there will be no interruptions to exam sessions. If you have a request for an extenuating circumstance regarding a final, please contact your Assistant Principal or Ms. Hayes about the situation. This includes requests to leave early after testing or other unique circumstances.

  • Double blocked classes will take their exams during one specific period that will be predetermined by the teacher.

  • Final Exam make-ups will be at the direction of the teacher. Every effort should be made to complete exams prior to the grade submission deadline on May 25. However, the final date for exam completion will be Friday, June 2, 2023 at 8 am. Students that miss an exam due to a documented absence will be given an opportunity to take the exam(s) during May 31- June 2 with Administration. This must be arranged by the teacher with the student’s Assistant Principal.

  • For students that have not made up Finals with their teacher before May 25th will have a “Zero” recorded in the gradebook until the make-up is complete by June 2, 2023.

  • Failure to meet the above expectations may result in grade reductions, multiple exams in one day, summer school requirements for credit or other circumstances that could impact semester grade averages and possibly course/credit completion.

2022-2023 Bell Schedule

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TMHS Wildcat Choir

Any information can be found at where our newsletter and calendar are updated regularly!