Dear Students,

Hello Lions! My name is Mrs. Marin and I'm so happy to be your 2021-22 Librarian. My goal is to provide instruction and support by encouraging you to use our online resources and to promote the love of reading. If you should need any assistance don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Texas Library Standards:

Strand 5: Safe and Nurturing Environment - School libraries are essential, safe, and flexible environments and are inviting centers for teaching and learning.

Dimension 3: The school library program extends library based learning opportunities for families through community-centered activities.

Read Aloud Day

Texas Library Standards: Strand 3 Reading

School library programs promote reading as an essential skill for learning, personal growth , and enjoyment which are essential skills for college, career, and community.

3.1.0 The library encourages students to read a variety of literature for information and pleasure. The library provides access to physical and virtual collections of high quality, current resources in a variety of formats (print, audio, electronics) and platforms (readable on most devices) which reflect input form stakeholders.

First Visit to the Library was a TOTAL SUCCESS!

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Love Monster Jigsaw Puzzle

Students in Pre-K and Kinder created a jigsaw puzzle after reading the book "Love Monster". Students used their critical thinking skills to decide where the puzzle piece would connect to.

Central Idea Activity

Students created a central idea graphic organizer after listening to a read aloud story. Students used their reading skills to analyze the text and find textual evidence to support their central idea using the text.

TEKS 3.9Di Central Idea of Informational Text

Recognize characteristics and structures of informational text, including the central idea with supporting evidence.

Text Structures

Analyzing Text Structures

Students read different types of text and identify the text structure. Students also created a "Cootie Catcher" which will help them remember all the different types of text structures.

TEKS 5.10B Author's Craft

Analyze how the use of text structure contributes to the author's purpose

PSJA Laureate AR Reading Program

PSJA Associate Degree

The following students have earned their Associate Degree by reading 250,000 words or more. Great Accomplishment Students. Congratulations!
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PSJA Bachelor's Degree

The following students have earned their Bachelor's Degree by reading 500,000 words or more. Keep on reading and Congratulations!
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