Beary Good Bears

Mrs. Jenkins' Class

Bear Facts on Book Baggies

Last week, I started all of the students on their book baggie books. Your child's book baggie level was based upon the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) and the end of Kindergarten reading level I received from last year's teacher.

Each student will read to me on their book baggie day, so I get to hear all students read every week. I will monitor their reading each time and will slowly move them up levels as I see they are ready. The end of first grade level is to read level 16/I. I will not move higher than a level 34/O; sometimes the content of the book at this higher level can be difficult for them to understand, even though they can read it.

At these lower levels, sometimes your child will memorize the text. Please make sure your child is "always" looking at the words and tracking each word for reading! They are demonstrating beginning reading skills.

The goal for reading is always comprehension. I want to make sure your child can comprehend what they just read. As your child moves up levels, I will have a comprehension worksheet he/she will do. There are 5 different activities to do on each worksheet. I only want them to do one a day (so since they keep their books for 1 week, there will be two nights that they won't do a comprehension activity).

Please make sure your child reads every day! This is critical! Book baggies need to go home every day and then brought back to school every day to read in both places.

During our first parent/teacher conference, I will go over the DRA so that you can see why your child is beginning on the level they have.

Read, read, read!

What We Are Learning

Math: Foundations of numbers 20-99

Phonics: Short /o/ sound such as -op, -ot, -og, -ob, -ox word families

Writing: Stretching out words

Reading: Fables

Science: Safe/Unsafe behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc., and the consequences

Social Studies: Citizenship

Important Dates To Remember

Monday, Oct. 10th-Fair Day, no school


Thank you for your patience as we discover how to use Seesaw. I hope you enjoyed the videos and pictures I sent this past week. It does take a lot of time to use in the classroom. I don't want to take away from instruction, so we won't be using this as a whole group too often, but I will be "training" the students how to use it to put their work in their own folder for you as parents to see. Again, we are learning, so it will take some time.