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November 2019

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What Happened This Month at Riverview Elementary

What is Self-Control?

This month we focused on the letter 'S' in CARES – Self-Control. Although out of order, we moved up our discussion on self-control, as this is always a good topic to review earlier in the school year. Self-control is a students’ ability to recognize and regulate their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to be successful in the moment and in the future. At school, self-control looks like:

  • Keeping hands/feet to self
  • Controlling your body
  • Raising your hand to share
  • Being a good listener
  • Managing emotions

In Kindergarten, we read the book 'Even Superheroes Have Bad Days' by Shelly Becker, which focuses on ways to handle big emotions without losing control. Then, students had a chance to practice self-control with a game of Simon Says - Superhero Style! This was also a good way for us to gauge if students remembered the Superhero poses from our "Introduction to the School Counselor" lesson in September. To end the lesson, students designed their own "self-control" shield.
First grade, second grade, and multiage 1-2 read the book 'Waiting is Not Easy' by Mo Willems, which focuses on having patience. We then practiced self-control by participating in an activity called "Ready, Set, Wiggle" in which students could only move when hearing the words "ready, set, wiggle". Each time they wiggled, students took a step in toward the center of the room until eventually the majority of the students were standing right next to each other. Students had to learn to control their wiggles so that they didn't bump into the person next to them - for some, this was very hard to do! We ended the lesson by talking about Circles of Control in which students had to determine whether or not something was inside or outside their circle of control - the weather (outside of their control) vs. their actions (inside their control). Being Thanksgiving was right around the corner, we used a "turkey" theme to talk about circles of control.
In third grade, we read the book 'My Mouth is a Volcano' by Julia Cook, which focuses on using self-control with your words and your voice. In this book, Louis learns the importance of having self-control, and various strategies to manage his thoughts and words. We then did an activity to provide students an opportunity to practice self-control. In two groups (boys vs. girls), students sat in a circle and were numbered off. Each group was given a balloon and had to work to keep the balloon from falling into the volcano (the floor). Where does self-control come in? Only students with a certain number were able to touch the balloon! For example, all students assigned the number one could touch the balloon, all other students had to sit silently without helping keep the balloon in the air. Throughout the activity, we switched numbers, but students did a fantastic job practicing self-control!
In fourth grade, fifth grade, as well as multiage 3-5, students demonstrated their knowledge of self-control by completing a mission..... Mission Self-Control! This was an extremely interactive (and fun) lesson, similar to a scavenger hunt or escape room, in which students had to complete five missions together as a group. Students completed missions involving writing, drawing, word sorting, and even acting, and the entire group had to take part in each mission before moving on to the next. Students learned all about self-control coping strategies for situations that make them feel angry or upset. They did a fantastic job, and many students even completed a secret mission at the end! Ask your child if they made it to the final mission!

Fifth Grade Career Fair is Coming Up!

Your Fifth Grader should've received a copy of this letter from Mrs. Alladin or Mrs. Felipe. Please click on the link below for information about the Fifth Grade Career Fair in January. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Career Fair, please fill out the form that was sent home with your Fifth Grader and return no later than Friday, December 6th.

Volunteers are Needed for Our Fourth Grade Kindness Retreat

Our school believes that to do well in school, students need to feel physically and emotionally safe. In our ongoing effort to create a safe and caring culture, we are having a Youth Frontiers Kindness Retreat.

Youth Frontiers (YF) is a nonprofit organization that has been delivering retreats to schools since 1987. They provide schools with experiences that inspire character, civility and community so that our next generation of leaders is grounded in character. Last year, YF worked with nearly 124,000 students and educators throughout the country. On the Kindness Retreat, the YF Retreat Staff will focus on creating a more positive school community by engaging students in a variety of activities that build students' empathy skills and teach safe ways to help prevent unkind actions.

This high-energy, interactive retreat is scheduled on Friday, January 24th, 2020 for all Riverview Fourth Grade students and will be held at the Lord of Life Lutheran Church. Please know, the Kindness Retreat is in no way affiliated with the church. The location just has a large enough venue to host the off-site retreat.

In order for this event to be successful, we are asking for your help!!

There are approximately 130 students that will be attending this event, and we will need 1 volunteer for every 6 students (22 volunteers total). As a volunteer, you will be a small group leader. Small group leaders establish the energy and tone of the retreat and have a major influence on its success. Students will meet in pre-assigned small groups for discussion three times during the retreat. Each discussion is facilitated by a small-group leader and allows students to talk about the messages of the day.

If you are available and interested in this new opportunity, the following will be asked of you:

  • Be onsite at the Church at 8:15 AM. The Retreat starts at 9:00 AM is to finish at 2:00 PM.
  • Lead small groups. This is likely the biggest responsibility for the day. Communicate, keep conversations going and try to help students listen and share respectfully.
  • Help control the "crowd". During the large-group activities and talks, we ask the volunteers to spread out and sit with the students
  • Provide your own bag lunch
  • Participate, have fun and encourage students to do the same
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended.

As of right now, we have approximately 8 volunteers, which means we still have a ways to go!

For more information on Youth Frontiers and to watch a video about the Kindness Retreat visit www.youthfrontiers.org/kindness-retreat

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Game Time With the School Counselors

Congratulations to our winners from last month! Because their parents read our newsletter and correctly answered our trivia question, these kiddos were randomly picked for game time with the school counselors! Students joined Mrs. Alladin and Mrs. Felipe for games, popcorn, and music! Answer this month’s question and your student will have a chance to win game time next month!
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Click Here to Access the Google Form

By filling out this quick form, your child(ren) can have a chance to win game time with Mrs. Alladin and Mrs. Felipe!!

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