Reding's Report

5th Grade


It's been another great week! I'm really enjoying the start of the school year and I hope your student is as well. Enjoy your weekend!

- Mr. Reding

Specials Schedule

Monday- Library

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Computers

Friday- Music

Reading: This week we have been focusing on how to transition from one activity to the next quickly and quietly while also focusing on increasing our reading stamina. We talked about differences between "fake reading" and "real reading" and we are currently reading for 20 minutes while meeting all "real reading" expectations!

Writing: This week in writing we did a few quick writes focusing on external and internal character traits. We worked on increasing our writing stamina and have built up to writing without pausing for 15 minutes!

Math: We got to learn a few dice games to help practice fluency and number sense. Ask me how to play "Keep it or Toss it" and "Target Number". Next week starts our RTI unit where we will be going over place value from billions to thousandths.

Content: We've had a fun week of experiments to start off our Inquiry unit. We conducted test trials of paper airplanes to see how far they would fly and then we looked at factors that make a plane fly further. We researched different designs and reconducted our experiment to see if our independent variable change allowed our dependent variable to increase. Ask me about what a fair test is, the difference between an independent variable and dependent variable and the purpose of the independent variable. We

Updates from the office:

Lunch money

A note from Food Service:

All lunch money must be in an envelope (or Ziploc baggie, etc.) and marked on the outside with the student's first and last name, our school name, how much money is in the envelope, and the teacher's name.

Be Our Guest-Lunch

We are not taking visitors until September 3rd. Parents may eat with their child during their scheduled lunch time. Parents may eat with their child only and sit at the designated cafeteria location. Permission from parents must be given to the office in order for a non-guardian to eat with a child. All guests must check into the office, provide i.d., complete a "Be Our Guest" form, and get a visitor's pass prior to entering the building.

Update from Nurse Lilly:

Nurse Lily will be starting on vision and hearing screenings in the next few weeks. Her goal is to complete all screenings by Christmas Break. Vision Screenings are performed on all students grades K-5, and hearing screenings are performed on grades K-3. If you wish to opt out, please contact the nurse's office."


  • If you have transportation changes please contact the office before 2:30 so they can add a note to our transportation bag.
  • All Republic Schools implement a weekly Friday Early Release. Dismissal is at 2:30 on Fridays. All other dismissal and pick-up procedures are the same. Parental changes for student pick-up should be made prior to 2:00 p.m.

  • Click here to access the district 2019-20 building calendar which includes progress and end of quarter dates as well as scheduled dates school will not be in session.

  • Parents must park and sign their child in at the front office if arriving after 8:30 a.m. Click the following link for the traffic flow map McCulloch Traffic Map.