Coming to Atherstone very soon!

The Educationator 4509

This is the brand new technology which can be purchased in the new shop in Atherstone called 'technology for you'. It listens to your voice and what ever question you ask it within a couple of seconds it shall show the correct answer. Whether you want to improve any aspects of school work (eg. Maths, Science, English, IT, PE, etc)it will provide help.

Changes everything...

This will make school work at least 75% easier!

This brand new technology will be the next best thing because not only does it listen to verbal speech but if you want to (or if the voice communication fails) you can type it in on the keyboard below the big screen. Not only does it help with school life but ask it questions to do with personal life or doubts and worries and it will act like a human being and give advice on what to do in those situations. It'll be like a new member of the family.