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April 10, 2019

Ann Wilder's - Investigating GREEN SCREEN!

Students in Ann's room are investigating green screen effects. To begin understanding the green screen concept, they took a piece of their artwork from the hall and then recorded themselves telling about it. Now that they understand the process, they will move into a research project with green screen. Watch for more to come from Ann's 2nd grade students!

How can you use green screen to make presentations come alive? Ask us to create with you and your students!

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Sarah Wellmeier - Kindergarteners as City Designers

Sarah's WIN group is planning a Geometric City. They are in the planning stages and will begin creating the city over the next few weeks. Eventually, they will be programming the Dash robot to go door to door for a scavenger hunt!
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BRIGHTBYTES DATA - Have YOU answered the survey?

On April 8th, our BrightBytes data collection began. The data collected provides insight around how MSD of Mt. Vernon uses technology to enhance student learning. We need to gather input from teachers, administrators, and students in grades 3-12. Our collection will be extended until April 22nd. Please help us reach statistical significance for your school by encouraging competition of the survey.

If you haven't completed the survey, consider doing it today!

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This Event is LIMITED to 300! Sign up today!

Want to Learn More?

Is Instagram safe? How does it work? And what's a "finsta"? This article was written for parents by Christine Elgersma, and is very informative!


iReady Resources: Looking for ideas after your state assessment?

After your state assessment, you may be looking for resources to use to finish up the year. Here are some of our recommendations!

Use the Ready Math in Action lessons

You may not have had time to do these end-of-unit lessons during the year, particularly if you had early testing dates. These lessons are a great way to reinforce key concepts and have students apply multiple concepts together in more rigorous, multi-step problem solving.

Use i-Ready Diagnostic data to target instruction

Use mid-year grouping profiles to target instruction on students’ weakest skills—either from the current year or earlier grades.

  • For teacher-led small group instruction, use activities from earlier grades or lessons found in the Teacher Resource Book or the Tools for Instruction.
  • For student-led small groups, use targeted Center Activities on the Teacher Toolbox and/or the Unit Games from the Practice and Problem Solving book.
  • For individual practice, use the Independent Practice pages from Ready Instruction or the corresponding practice pages from the Practice and Problem Solving book.

Use i-Ready (digital) Instruction

Have students continue to work on i-Ready digital instruction to fill individual gaps using their individualized instructional path. You can also reinforce key grade-level concepts that students may have struggled with during the year.

Use Teacher Toolbox resources to prepare for next year

For students who have a solid foundation of current grade-level content, preview some of the upcoming topics that students will see at the beginning of next year using Ready resources on the Teacher Toolbox.

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From the April Flipgrid Newsletter!

On April 24th, 2019, educators and students from around the world will unite to celebrate International #StudentVoiceDay! During the 24-hour period, students will join the Our Global Classroom Flipgrid and answer one question : How will you use your voice to change the world?

Want to join the fun? It’s easy!

  1. Fill out this form to let the OGC crew know you are participating.

  2. On April 24th, have your students share their voice on the official #StudentVoiceDay Topic.

Then, at 8p CT, we’ll continue the celebration with an extra-special #StudentVoiceDay edition of the world-renowned #FlipgridFever Twitter chat!

Thanks to De'Shea Kueber for bringing this to our attention!

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