By: Caroline Dilts


There are many different land forms in Africa. It is the second largest continent. It has islands, mountains, valleys, rain forests, grasslands or savannas, deserts, and also some bodies of water such as waterfalls, and lakes. Lake Victoria is the second largest in the world.


Africa is home to many beautiful and wild animals. There are mammals, reptiles, birds, and many more. There are cheetahs, rinos, fish, giraffes, bats, hares, monkeys, elephants, hippos, antelopes, zebras, lions, leopards, cows are raised, camels, snakes, scorpion,sheep, goats, horses, red horses, desert foxes, verboas, baffalo,hyenas, jackals, mongoose, flying squirrels, lemurs, flamingos, storks, egrets, and many many more.

Cool Facts

One cool fact ct about Africa is that some people live in deserts.They are called nomads. There are more than 800 million people there. In some parts of Africa there is very little money. In some parts of cities people live in shacks called slums. Africa is known for its beautiful and popular sculptures. Usually their music includes drumming and for dancing they wear special costumes and masks. Africa covers 20 percent of our worlds land area.Some parts of Africa Are in the southern hemisphere and others are in the northern.