Theodore Boone The Activist


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Trailer For Theodore Boone!

In a small happy town , Theo and his friends find out about a bypass going on. The towns people are trying to pass this bypass that will be destroying homes and nature in its path. But what they are not aware that the bypass will be right next to a elementary school and a soccer field were hundreds of kids will be. All of the trucks and cars are going to pollute the school and the field putting the kids health at risk also and all this damage is going to happen just to save 10 min. of driving time. But Theo is a loving person who is always willing to help and will do whatever it takes to do what is right. Theo and his friends will overcome and dodge all the obstacles the this bypass can throw at them and will never backdown until the bypass is stopped.

Will Theo and his friends be able to stop the bypass? Read Theodore Boone the Activist to find out!