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Monday, March 21, 2016

Moreau Heights Elementery

Moreau Heights Elementary School strives to be a collaboration of staff, parents, students, and community with a vision of academic excellence, positive climate, and an involved community.

Truth, Justice, and the Charger Way!

A note from Mrs. Pistel

Our class will go to Outdoor Education Day at Binder Park on April 4th and Mizzou on April 6th! Please sign and return both permissions slips as soon as possible. Also look at all of the documents included with the Mizzou trip regarding behavior expectations. The Moreau Heights Team sent home a note regarding our new 3 Strikes and your Out Program. Please read and return it as well. The Strike policy began Monday the 14th.

MAP testing begins the week of April 11th. Students will be learning about the testing tools and performing some practice assessments that will hopefully give them some experience with questions types. This experience should help them feel prepared and ready for any challenge that comes their way!

Please pay close attention to your child's Nightly Folder. This time of year is incredibly busy, and many different permission slips and notes go home nightly. Wednesday, March 16th, grade cards went home with your child. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Congratulations to Colin Flaherty as our Noble Knight, Alexis Kabatra as our Trustworthy Award honoree, and Sam Ramelb as our Charger Award winner! Great job! We are very proud of your hard work and dedication this month!

Academic Goals

Reading Targets

  • I can use close reading strategies to learn from a nonfiction text.
  • I can read nonfiction texts to ask and answer questions.
  • I can use "Do Writes" to answer constructed response questions clearly and with appropriate support/evidence from the text.

Writing Targets

  • I can write an outline and create a web to organize my biographical information.
  • I can make a plan, set goals, and write my Biography Discovery Draft.
  • Using my plan, I can write my Discovery Draft.
  • I can revise the lead to my biography.
  • I can revise for strong verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
  • I can revise for figurative language.
  • I can revise my ending and make it powerful.

Math Targets

  • I can recall with automaticity my basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.
  • I can convert between various units of linear measure. (mm, cm, m, km and inches, feet, yards).
  • I can find fractional parts of a whole or of a group.
  • I can identify faction and percent equivalents.
  • I can identify and create equivalent fractions.
  • I can compare and order like and unlike fractions using benchmark fractions.
  • I can create quick common denominators.
  • I can compare and order unlike fractions.
  • I can read a ruler to the nearest sixteenth of an inch.
  • I can read, write, and round decimals to the thousandth.

Word Study Targets

  • I can use and spell correctly high frequency words.
  • I can accurately proofread and locate the correctly spelled words in a passage.
  • I can spell the rough and toughs correctly. Those words that don't fit the usual patterns.

Unit 15 Take-Home Task will go home today and is due on Thursday! I mixed up the units, so we are actually assessing over Unit 16 on Wednesday.

Science/Social Studies Targets

  • I can design, build, and test a Lunar Module with a focus on shock absorbers!
  • I can identify the 8 Phases of the Moon or Lunar Cycle.
  • I can identify the Sun as a star and a producer of light.
  • I can identify the Moon as a reflector of light.
  • I can identify the order of the three celestial bodies during a Solar and Lunar Eclipsel

  • I can correctly label a United States Map, labeling all 50 states.(a goal for the entire year)
  • I can identify the capitals of the Northeast
  • I can read a map and understand how to use it answer questions about location.
  • I can identify important European Explorers and their accomplishments and contributions to American Exploration.
  • I can identify the famous Lost Colony of Roanoke and its historical value to colonization.
  • I can identify the major historical facts of the Jamestown and Plymouth Colonies.

Specials Schedule

Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Art, P.E. on the 28th

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: No school

Friday: No School

Monday: No School

Data Binder

Items added to your student's Data Binder:

  • Spelling, Unit 11, 12, 13, and 14 Assessment
  • Various Reading assignments.

Please look at the data binder each week. This section of the newsletter will identify what has been added to the binder for the week.

Special Activities and Celebrations

Mark your calendar!

  • Thursday, March 24th through Monday, March 28th is Spring Break!
  • Mark your Calendars: April 8th Reading/Writing Celebration! All parents are encouraged to attend. Festivities will begin at 1:30!
  • MAP Testing will begin for 5th graders on April 13th.

Nightly Routine

Please make sure you see your child's Nightly Folder and Agenda(Planner). I ask all students to read 20 minutes per night, and have their Reading Log and Agenda signed as well. Each morning, I check these items, and they earn team points and Charger Cash for exhibiting responsible behavior.

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