Miguel Cardenas

Period 7

Element Hassium

Periodic Table Information

  • The symbol for Hassium is Hs
  • Hassium is the 108th on the table
  • Its located in the 8th group
  • Its in the Transition metal family
  • The period is the 7th group
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Where it's found in Nature and it's uses and Characteristics

Hassium is produced artificially and only small amount have been made

Hassium is a highly radioactive metal, of which only a few atoms have ever been made

Hassium is only used in research

Chemical and Physical Properties

Chemical properties of Hassium are the melting and boiling point are unknown, vanderwaals radius unknown, ionic radius unknown.

Physical properties of hassium are that it's a solid

The atomic mass of Hassium is 277u


Hassium was discovered in 1984 by a german research team lead by Peter Armbruster and Gottfried Munzenberg at Germany's Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt

Interesting Facts about Hassium

Hassium was named for the German State Hessen .

All nine of it's isotopes have extremely short lives .

The most stable is 270HS with a half life of 22 seconds .

If a large quantity of Hassium is ever made scientist expect it to be a silvery-colored metal that reacts quite readily with oxygen in the air to create a highly volatile tetroxide.