My Smore Flyer

all about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. Can you guess who I am? I’m Morgan i’m the girl who is super clumsy, when i was THREE I dropped my doll on the steps and I wanted to pick it up by myself.So when I tried to pick it up,I fell and ended up doing FLIPS down the stairs. And thats only ONE of the stories of me being super clumsy. But other than me sounding CRAZY right now i’m gonna change the subject!

I have a number 1 fan and that would be my sister Rician. She is my number 1 fan because she is always there for me. but she moved to Oklahoma for college. I also have a brother D’juan he has a baby boy named dj he also moved out of the house. so i’m stuck with my parents.

Well other than that here is some other stuff to know about me my favorite food is chicken fingers. my hobby is that I design clothes. My favorite dessert is oreo ice cream. But 1 thing I love soooooooooooooo much is volleyball and whats even better is my friends from bridle ridge are on the team,with me. and i LOVE NICKI MINAJ she is so awesome my favorite popstar. Well that's all you are gonna know about me today. BY.