U.S. Constitution

By Tyler Brantley


We the citizens of the united states, in order to form a more perfect country, establish justice, insure peace for the people, promote general assistance from the gov, and secure the blessing of freedom us and our prosperity. We write this the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article 1 (sections 1-10)

1. All legislative power will be given to the congress, which will consist of the Senate and a HOR

2. The HOR will be made up of the people chosen by its own people. All terms will last 2 years. must be at least 25 year old to be a rep. Number of rep will be determined by state population.

3.Senators will be elected. each state will have 2 senators and they must be at least age 30.

4. Election times will be determined by the legislative branch.

5. Each section of the senate and Congress is in charge of their candidate's elections, disciplinary actions for disorderly behavior, and for a law pass it must meet 2/3's majority.

6. both Senators and Congressmen will be paid a portion of the taxes collected from their respective state.

7. when a law is passed through both the Senate and Congress will be brought before the President and if he agrees to it the will will be signed and passed.

8. The congress has the power to appropriate taxes and raise or lower them based on the economic state of the nation.

9. Habeas Corpus states that prisoners of the US who escaped the US borders must be brought back to the country.

10. No states can enter into a treaty, or agreement for benefits.

Article 2 (sections 1-4)

1. Executive branch's Power will rest with the President. Presidents serve a term of four years and can be reelected once more.

2. The President will serve as Commander and Chef of US Army or/and the Navy.

3. The president will have a state of the Union ever now and then.

4 Can be impeached.

Article 3 (sections 1-3)

1.The Judicial power is given to the US Supreme Court and all smaller, subsidiary courts to judge and issue punishments to offenders.

2. The Judicial Branch's power can reach into any court and take the case.

3. People that are convicted of high crime of treason shall not be proven guilty until proven so by two credible witnesses.