Your trip to: Saudi Arabia

Learn more about Islam,attractions,Goverment,&the currency

Learn More About Islam

Islam is a religion followed by 1.2 billion people, they are also known as Muslims. You'll find most Muslims living in Saudi Arabia, where the relgion Islam was founded, but they are founded all around the world. Islam was founded by a man named Muhammad. Who was a prophet of God. This leading to Sunni and Shiite. Sunni's believe that the caliph (the religious leader) should be elected by the Muslims. Shiites think the caliph should be a desensent of Muhammad. Muslims have 5 pillars they follow, which are:

- have faith in Muhammad

- pray 5 times a day facing the city of Mecca

- fasting (not eating) during the month of Ramadan, from sun up to sun down (this is also considered at holiday)

- giving alms (money) to charities and also to help make mosques

- Hajj (a pilgrimage to Mecca)

All Muslims are expected to follow these 5 pillars. Also Muslims worship in Mosques and have a holy text call Koran. People of the Islam religion call God, Allah. The reason for that is because that is Arabic word for God. Lastly Islam's worship day is Friday.


There are plenty of attractions in Saudi Arabia. A few being:


- Kaaba

- Mada'in Saleh

-Quba mosque

- Al-Masjid-al-Nabawi

Those places are all wonderful place to check out on your trip. Mecca is a favorite for most people. It is home of the Kaaba. The Kaaba is in the middle of one of the most important mosques of the Islam religion. 13 million Muslims come each year to visit the Kaaba. The reason for that being is Muslims are expected to do a prilhramge to Mecca. It being on one of the 5 pillars. The Kaaba holds the black stone. A stone that was given to Abraham (a man Islam can be traced back to) from an angle. Once at the Kaaba Muslims strive to touch it or kiss it. Also Mecca is important because islams pray to it 5 times at day. There are many attractions to see while in Saudi Arabia

The currency in Saudi Arabia is Saudi riyal.

The language spoken in Saudi Arabia is Arabic.

Saudi Arabia's Goverment & Economy

Saudi Arabia is led by a king, who's name is Abdullah. The three branches under the King are Unitary State, Islamic State, and Absolute Monarchy. Each having their own important role in making decisions for the country. Saudi Arabia has an oil-based economy. The main export is petroleum . The Economy brings in millions and million of dollars in from exporting goods to countries all around the world.

Enjoy your trip to Saudi Arabia!