Singapore Independence

How it started

On 9 August 1965, Singapore was separated from the Federation of Malaysia to go its own way. As Singapore recovered the separation, its priority was to gain independence. Singapore started to celebrate National Day on 9 August 1966. It was a week-long string of festivities that included a big parade, fireworks displays, culture shows and dinner parties.

The first National Day

Independent nation were proclaimed on its first National Day in 1966. Singapore’s independence were concerned by some countries. They were worried that Singapore would not be able to handle the challenges that it encountered after achieving independence.

Challenges Singapore face

One of the challenges Singapore faced after the independence was no army to defend the country and how to make a living for the people. Many people in Singapore were worried about the lack of employment opportunities that would affect their livelihood. People were also concerned about problems regarding their citizenship.

Singapore grew independence

Singapore’s independence in 1965 was very important because it is the beginning of a new level in Singapore’s development and the people’s lives. Singapore’s government had to build its own defence force, improve the wealth and provide enough housing for its people. The people felt no hardship or anxiety about the changes of status. It did not affect the people’s lives as things went on. Combining the racial, language and culture groups into a typical group, then they must share the same basic values and attitudes to life. Language, values and as well as an undivided loyalty may have a connection to the traditional values to our country.