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Term 1 2014

This website curated by Shellie Tancred, Principal. Attunga PS is amazing. It has been created to support the implementation of the new Australian Curriculum and has a daunting number of wonderful resources covering all KLAs shared by many generous teachers. Please share your experiences with others so that we can let everyone know the best resources found. Here are some of the Maths resources.

Jenny's Marvellous Maths links

This site has interactive Maths activities aligned to the NSW Maths Syllabus for Stages ES1 to 3.

The Mathematics Shed

Here is a site from the same people who created the wonderful Literacy Shed. It's full of teaching videos and fun IWB activities to explain Maths concepts.

Top Drawer Maths

This resource explores good teaching practice across five mathematical topics: fractions, mental computation, patterns, and statistical literacy and reasoning.

Each topic contains:

  • Big ideas - the big ideas that underpin mathematics
  • Misunderstandings - common misunderstandings and their causes, and teaching advice and activities to avoid or correct these
  • Good teaching - key content, teaching approach suggestions, activities, videos, slide
  • Presentations, worksheets and digital learning objects
  • Assessment - aspects of assessment
  • Activities - a collection of the student activities available in other parts of the drawer, along with further suggestions and ideas for other activities
  • Downloads - the bank of downloadable files, such as student worksheets, teacher notes, activity templates and video transcripts.

Jannali East Links

Check out Jannali East Links and JEPS Library for more Maths links.

JEPS Library

Let me know if there are other links you would like to be added to either of these sites.

More English Units of Work

These units and more can be found on the JEPS Curriculum site -> Units of Work tab