The Great Food Shortage

Meat is a luxury

Here are the Facts

One fact is that food shortage is due to three factors: the drain of manpower into the army, the Union occupation of food-growing areas, and the loss of slaves to work in the fields.

Another fact is in 1861 the average family spent $6.65 a month on food. By mid-1863, it was spending $68 a month—if it could find any food to buy.

The Final fact is in 1863 hundreds of women and children—and some men—stormed bakeries and rioted for bread.

Here is what we do!

Are you sick and tired of the men going to war while we starve. Well, if you're as sick of it as I am, here's what you do. You must take back what is yours, take comtrol of your life and go steel your food back. If you can't do it alone, then find the hundreds of people with the same cause and fight back.....TOGETHER!