Simple Facts About Beto

The person I'm studying is Beto and he is now 16, still living at home. Beto has had a hard life and been bullied and pushed around by his brothers and sisters. Beto tries to get out of his house and as sad as it sounds, he gets away from his family when ever he has a chance to. Beto has a brothers named Fredy and German. They both were very bad people and had hurt Beto many times in the past. Betos mother also is not a very good mother being the alcoholic that she is and not really being respected like she should be. But Betos mother does get put down upon and yelled at by her children, causing her to have no control over what they are doing.

About Where Beto's From

Beto lives La Libertad, with is a poor community in Medellin. This is a decently dangerous area due to all the violence, drugs, and gangs. Fredy, Betos brother, is in a gang and he as a result, he is part of the drugs and violence through out the neighborhood. At home, Beto has to deal with his violent brother Germen. Beto only gets to see him when he is not in jail, which is not very often. It does not make it much easier for Beto that he really does not have a mom to help him. He does have a mom, but she is an alcoholic and just gets pushed around by Betos sisters and brothers. All of these things together makes it a very hard life for Beto. As well making him want to leave his home and be very scared and sad most of his life. Beto mostly learns at the church and that is where he goes because he actually feels safe there.

Events That Have Influenced Beto to Make a Change

One of the main things that has made Beto want change is his siblings. It is not just one of his siblings, it is all of them together just making life so difficult for Beto. Having a brother that beats him, an alcoholic as a mother, a brother that is a gang member, and no father. In my mind, this is about as bad as it gets. Besides his family, Beto also has to worry about his neighborhood. Beto has to worry about being shot by a gang on the streets for doing the wrong thing. No person should ever have to be afraid to walk down there own street or walk around town. I really think that there should be no gangs and then no one would have to worry like Beto does.

What Beto has Done to Cause Change and What he is Hoping For in The Future

One of the things that Beto has done to cause change and actually has worked a little bit and is progressing in time is this club is called Children's Movement for Peace. This is pretty much just a place where people gather and talk about what has happened in their life, what struggles they have had, what stuff bothers them, and how children are treated unequally. Beto goes here goes here a few times a week and I think that this club is actually quite affective because in the book it talks about how Beto notices how more people join each week. Beto also goes to the church a lot because he is a very religious person and always love helping out the priest. Between going to church and the Children's Movement for Peace club, Beto is out of his dangerous neighborhood and does not have to worry about his siblings hurting him or yelling at him. Beto also really would like more and more people to join the club because every little step can get them that much closer to their objective of having peace and at least give the children a little bit of speaking rights and control of what happens around them and in their neighborhoods. This process of having more people join causing a greater impact upon the group might take a little while, but I do think myself that there will be a little bit of change progressing slowly over the months and years.

This is What La Libertad in Medellin Looks Like Today

This is todays view of La Libertad and as you can see it is much more wealthy and it is pretty crammed and there are large buildings every where.