Danny Rolling

Ashley Aldana

Biological Information!

  • Birthday: May 26, 1954
  • Birthplace: Shreveport, LA (Louisiana)
  • Parents: Mom- Claudia Rolling , Dad- James Rolling
  • Siblings: Kevin Rolling (Brother)
  • Significant Childhood Events:
1.)Danny was beat when he was only 1 year old because his dad did not like the way he was crawling.

2.)Danny's dad verbally abused him.

3.)When he was only 5 , his father had tied him up 6 times within a 6 month time period.

4.)Danny's dad would never hug him because he said that hugging is sissy stuff . (age:5)

5.)His family never had a birthday party or and celebrations for holidays.

6.)When he was 11, he walked in on his parents arguing and he watched his mom slit her wrist and lock her self in the bathroom .. while his dad kicked down the bathroom door and continued to argue with her while his mother was bleeding out . His mom was later committed in the hospital.

7.)When Danny tried to stop his father from beating his mom he was beaten for what his dad calls "interfering".


He dropped out in 10th grade. He tried getting into the Navy but he did not passed the test. He did make it in the Air Force though. Danny had been locked up while in the Air Force and was forced to leave under Honorable Discharge. .


Danny had worked a restaurant after being discharged out of the Air Force . He got fired from the job because he missed alot of days of work and when he was confronted about it .. Danny flipped out and threatened to kill the manager and the cook . He wasnt fired for the missed days just for the threat.

Significant Event

  • Gas Prices: 1.06/gal

Details of Crime

Danny 1st raped and killed Christina Powell and Sonja Larson at their college apartment 2 days after they arrived at the school . He then went to Christa Hoyts apartment where he also raped and killed her . Then Danny went to Manuel Taboada and Tracy Paules apartment and killed them . The first 2 calls to the police were similar to each other but the 3 call was different because one of the friends had found them dead but with the first 2 calls the police had found the victims dead. Also he only raped his female victims ...


  1. Confession
  2. They found his campsite and found numerous items that linked him to the murders.

Victim #1

  • Name: Sonja Larson
  • Age: 17
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Victim #2

  • Name: Christina Powell
  • Age: 17
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Victim #3

  • Name: Christa Hoyt
  • Age: 18
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Victim #4

  • Name: Tracey Paules
  • Age: 23
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Victim # 5

  • Name: Manuel Tobada
  • Age: 23
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Victims in Louisiana (6,7,8)

  • Tom Grissom(Age: 55)
  • Julie Grissom(Age: 24)
  • Sean Grissom (Age:8)


  • Convicted?: Yess
  • Sentence?: Death penalty


  • No he did not commit suicide all though he did attempt many many times.


  • Still alive?: No
  • Dead?: Yes
  • Executed?: Yes
Danny was executed on 10/25/2006 by lethal injection .


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