Mintz Elementary School Newsletter

September 2021

Important Dates & Events

Aug 30: Early Release

Sept 3: Fall Picture Day


Sept 13: Early Release

Sept 16: Annual Title I Meeting

Sept 20: Early Release

Sept 27: Early Release

Baseline Assessments for Students:

Week of 8/30: 3rd iReady

Week of 9/13: 2nd iReady

Week of 9/20: 1st iReady

Week of 9/27: KG iReady

Early Release Mondays

Every Monday is an Early Release Day. Our dismissal time is 12:55 PM.

News from Ms. Moltisanti

Hello Mintz Mariner Families!

I want to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year. We are excited to welcome all of our learners back to school, some of whom have been working virtually for the past year, as well as all families who are new to our school.

As I begin my 13th year as Mintz Principal, I am very excited to welcome Mrs. Precious Simmons as our new Assistant Principal. Mrs. Simmons previously worked at Mintz as our Reading Coach, so she is coming back to familiar territory. Mrs. Koplin, our former AP, is now the Principal at Brooker Elementary. We are very proud of her achievement and promotion.

This month's newsletter will be reviewing some of our school policies and procedures.

Keeping Children First,

Debbie Moltisanti

Leader in Me at Mintz

For families new to our school, Mintz is a proud Leader in Me school. Our core belief for our students is that they can be leaders in their own lives.

Leader In Me paradigms include:

  • Leadership: Everyone can be a leader
  • Potential: Everyone has genius
  • Change: Change starts with me
  • Motivation: Empower students to lead their own learning
  • Education: Educators and families partner to develop the whole person

In order to help students move from dependence to independence to interdependence, we teach and follow Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. You'll be hearing more about each of the habits as our year progresses.

PBIS at Mintz

Our school-wide behavior plan is based upon Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

Our core values are:

  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Caring

During the beginning days of school, teachers and students in each class talked about what each of those core values looks like and sounds like at school. They also discussed some "bottom line" behaviors that cannot be tolerated at school and will result in consequences.

Our students also earn tickets for their positive behaviors, which can be "spent" on rewards in the classroom each week. There will also be quarterly celebrations that students will have to save up for in order to attend.

From Our Main Office Staff

  • Please, NO sign-outs after 1:30. (12:30 on early release days). Schedule your time so we can accommodate all sign-outs. A picture ID is required.
  • We cannot accept phone calls/emails for changes in dismissal. If you are changing dismissal plans, please send a note to the teacher or stop by the office.
  • Please stop by the office if you have any changes to your child’s emergency card.
  • For the safety and security of your children, dismissal is at 1:55 PM. Children must be picked up at that time. Due to scheduled meetings, we are unable to ensure that staff is available to supervise children who remain after dismissal.

  • Parents must call the school to report their child’s absence in order that it be marked as “EXCUSED”. We ask that you report the absence prior to 9:30 AM the day of the absence. Thank you so much for your cooperation! All students marked absent will generate a phone call to parents. 744-8353 EXT. 1

Dismissal Courtesy

Thank you to all parents and caretakers for your patience as dismissal procedures settle into place.

Some reminders:

1. Please display your hang tag daily. If you need extras, let us know.

2. If your child is a car rider, please stay in your car.

3. As you’re waiting to enter the lot, please don’t block the entrance to the townhomes. We will also be leaving a space from our on-campus crosswalk back to Heather Lakes Blvd clear each afternoon, as one of the bus drivers is having difficulty navigating the entrance. We do not want anyone's vehicle damaged.

4. Follow the driveway all the way around. Do not enter the parking aisles to bypass others. The exception is PreK parents, who have a separate pick-up area.

5. If you are parking in the neighborhood, please do not park on lawns and/or block driveways.

Volunteer Application

Although we are limiting campus visitors right now, we are planning field trips and other opportunities to volunteer later this year. All volunteers must be screened and cleared in advance. Why not apply now?