9 elements of Digital Citizenship

By Ian Hoang period 5

Digital Access

Most people on the world don't have technology access so be thankful for having the advantage. Some of your friends don't have access and you should spend more time with friends by playing games then watching youtube and your friends being bored.

Digital Commerence

Many websites try to send Ads to you wanting you to buy their product. Many ads can be scam and may send you a virus or may download a useful program.

Digital Communication

While texting it is still important it is still careful to use appropriate language. Although, many young teenagers still want spell with lack of grammar, you should still use correct grammar.

Digital Literacy

Using technology for education uses is a privilege. As most kids take it for granted. They play games even if schools block some games, kids can get though it.

Digital Law

Many kids still don't understand that there are laws in forced while using the internet. Some of these laws can be stealing other's photos or copyright.

Digital Ettiquette

Also kids usually become rude and not be themselves while using social media because they feel unidentified. This makes them want to say freely.

Digital Rights & responsiblities

Kids should also follow some responsibilities as to using the internet. Some responsibilities are to use appropriate language and be polite on the internet.

Digital Health and awareness

Using the computer can be harmful as it cause reduce of eyesight and lack of sunlight. Many parents tell their kids to not use the computer for a long time because it can cause headaches.

Digital Security

While using the internet, it is useful to keep your private information away from others. For, you don't know who it is you are talking to.