New Habitable Planet Found!

Kepler 16b Shocking the world: By Chase Dyar

The Basic Facts!

- Common Name: Tatooine

- The Diameter of Kepler 16b: 108,307km

- Average Distance from its sun: 104 million km

- Average Surface Temperature: -150 F

- The Length of a day: is unknown at this point

- Length of a year (orbital period) : .63 earth years (229 days)

- # of moons: None discovered yet

- # of Rings: None discovered yet

- Your age on this planet is 23.9yrs old if you are 15!

- The Gravitational Field value: 13,832,179.77 m/s2

- The Planets Mass: 6.0816 x 10^26

- Your weight on the planet: 801.7 kg

- The Distance from Earth: 1.892 x 10^15

- Traveling at .1 the speed of light gets you there in 2,000 days!

- You will be 32.7 years old if you were 15 on departure for Kepler-16b

Interesting Facts & Dangers!

What are three interesting facts about Kepler 16b?

- There are two suns, so that means there will be two sunrises AND two sunsets.

- It's the very first Exoplanet to orbit two stars

- A fan of Star Wars would know that they would be living on the planet Tatooine, since its features are the same as that of Star Wars.

What are three problems that may be encountered here?

- The planet has a extremely low surface temperature (-150 F).

- Atmosphere is mostly a gas (hydrogen).

- No water is found on this planet.

How might you overcome these encounterable problems?

- We could possible have a dome that produces heat and wear multiple layers.

- An add on to the dome is to have a oxygen generator tat circulates it throughout the entire dome for fresh air.

- We would have to mass produce water by making hydrogen gas undergo combustion creating a supply of water.

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