should you recycle??

  1. what is recycling?

  2. how do I recycle?

  3. what happens when I recycle?

  4. why do I recycle?

  5. why is it important?
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Recycling is something we need to start doing. “Benefits of Recycling

Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators;” that is a good thing because then we can have less pollution. plus it helps with less trash and less cutting trees down for money. even though it’s a small thing, recycling is good for the environment. It also helps make us not have to cut down trees and use up space for landfills. “Recycling creates new businesses that haul, process, and broker recovered materials, as well as companies that manufacture and distribute products made with these recycled materials.” It helps make more jobs for people without a job. Plus some possible solutions for wildlife losing the habitat is recycling because if we cutlass trees down then the animals can keep their habitat. We would have more paper and less extinct animals. We should stop wasting paper and trees. We need to recycle because then and only then we will have more and less. More trees and less space taken up by landfills.


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