Thyroid Cancer

By: Grace Angulas and Jamie Camello

What is Thyroid Cancer?

Definition of Thyroid Cancer: Thyroid cancer is happening in the cells of the thyroid, which is a butterfly shaped gland right below the Adam's apple of you throat.

Thyroid cancer main cause have not been found yet as of 2015

  • risk factors include women, low iodine, radiation, family history, and hereditary conditions

Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Most of the symptoms of thyroid cancer is pain-free lump on the neck, but it can lead to many other symptoms.

  • Swelling in the lymph nodes

  • The lump is not painful to touch

  • It can lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing
  • It can lead to a change in voice
  • The lymph nodes may swell
  • There may be neck and ear pain
  • Coughing frequently
  • Having trouble eating, breathing, and swallowing
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How does it impact the people it affects?


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How Prevalent Is Thyroid Cancer?

Over years thyroid cancer has increased in humans instead of decreasing like most other cases.

  • By 2015 62,450 new cases of thyroid cancer will happen
  • 1,950 people will die by 2015 due to thyroid cancer

How Is Thyroid Cancer Diagnosed?

  • Thyroid cancer is diagnosed by a biopsy. A biopsy is when cells are removed from a suspicious spot and examined under a microscope.
  • Other tests include blood tests, ultrasound exam, and a radio-iodine scan.
  • Blood tests and an ultrasound will be administered if you have a nodule on your thyroid.
  • If the lump is larger than 1 centimeter, a fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) will be conducted

  • The FNAB assists in determining whether or not the lump is cancerous
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What is going on inside of me?

Treatments for Thyroid Cancer

There are many treatments currently for thyroid cancer but there is no 100% cure for it.

  • Surgery
  • Radioactive Iodine
  • Chemotherapy
  • Multi-kinase Inhibitors
  • Vascular Disrupting Agents
  • Autophagy Modulators
  • Current Thyroid Cancer Pipeline

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