November 11, 2020 Indiana Middle Level Education Association

CK-12 Foundation Overview
Could you use free content that includes simulations, video, text that can be modified, or snippets that can add understanding? Or, maybe you just want a way to introduce new material, or could use some content translated into 6 other languages. This article from EdSurge outlines the huge growth in teachers using CK-12, a free, open-source website with materials for math, science, social studies, and some language arts. You can create entire books, or just select useful links here and there. Many teachers have found this to be invaluable for asynchronous lessons and differentiation. They have recently added a student tutor and teacher assistant.

I have found their explanatory webinars to be very helpful; you can sign up for future ones here, or watch previous ones that are archived. They are also responsive to questions.

For other OER (Open Education Resources), I've found this annotated list to be the most helpful. (Note: a few of those listed also include some $$ resources)

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10 Tips for Supporting Students with Special Needs in #RemoteLearning

Thanks to Pam Millikan for sharing this post from Jake Miller. This is one of the best listings I've seen, with many ways to support special needs students, with quite a variety of tools. In fact, many of these ideas can be of help to all students.

Comparing Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live, & Gimkit

Matt Miller has laid out some great comparisons here. Of course, it seems like each site is frequently adding new features. This post also has suggestions on how to create your own games.

Taking Audio to the Next Level in Google Slides

Joli Boucher is an innovative tech coach in Massachusetts who happens to be a Purdue grad. Her blog is a great one to explore; in this particular post, she shows seven different ways to take advantage of using audio with Google slides. You can even use it to give feedback in assessments; Joli shows how to do this in her post.

Nominations Now Open for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

This year, one teacher from each state and territory will be chosen for 7-12 math, and one for science. We can think of several outstanding middle school teachers who should apply! Find the application, resources, and past winners here. Applications are due April 1.

This Week's INSPIRE3 Update

Highlights included in this INSPIRE3 Update 11/9/20. Thank You for sharing this Update with your staff and colleagues as these resources are beneficial in service-learning planning for in-school and/or virtual instruction for the 20-21 school year.

  • Link to thirty-five Spotlight on Service-Learning articles archived on our INSPIRE3 page
  • Over a hundred Indiana schools service-learning experiences on our INSPIRE3 Snapshots of Service Learning page
  • NEW LTG Resource - Civility and Civil Conversations-“We can teach civility and the skills of civil conversations to grow citizenship and action for the good of all. Civility can be deliberately taught. We can have difficult conversations while showing respect for people who think differently. This resource includes guidance and videos for young people from preschool to high school.”
  • LTG Social Awareness Resources- Incorporate teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Social Justice in-class and in remote settings.
  • Veteran’s Day is November 11. It is a great day, week, and month to talk about the service of veterans and community helpers. Toolkit, lessons, project ideas found here.
  • On GivingTuesday Dec. 1, 2020 - kids, teens, and young adults will lead volunteer projects, acts of kindness, and give back in the ways that matter most to them, creating something positive from the year 2020 and making a difference in the world.
  • LTG Lessons, Resources, Toolkits to support more national initiatives and holidays in November: National Philanthropy Day; Thanksgiving Day and in December: Season of Giving with Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Nov/Dec. lessons/toolkits found here.
  • INSPIRE3 PowerPoints available and Tutorials found HERE.
  • generationOn website free service/service-learning resources for teachers, students, and parents
  • Visit our INSPIRE3 page on the IMLEA website HERE and the IASP website HERE
  • INSPIRE3 program status update
  • Thank You Very Much for sharing our updates and the INSPIRE3 web page with your staff and colleagues

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