Autism Speaks

It's time to listen.


Autism Speaks is an organization that dedicates their time to help spread the awareness of autism and helps with funding for more research to someday find the cure.

Raising Awareness

Autism Speaks holds an annual walk throughout the country to raise money and awareness. They created a short film, Autism Every Day, which shows the everyday lives of autistic children and their families. Autism Speaks also has their own radio station. They run every Saturday, raising awareness and showing support to families who may have a autistic child.


Autism Speaks funds various programs in hopes of finding the cure. They also fund programs that looks at the etiology, or the source, the biology, or how it impacts the human body, and diagnosis, or finding early prevention.

Family Services

Autism Speaks provide free information and support to families throughout the country. They provide a 24/7 call center where parents can get advice and get any questions or concerns answered. Offices and centers are also set up around the country to answer any health questions and concerns by doctors and parents who have dealt with autism first hand.

Contact Us

1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: (609) 228-7310

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