Atlanta, Georgia

Mya Linder


Out of Chicago, Atlanta, and Cincinnati, Atlanta has the most yearly rainfall; although, it also has the highest summer temperature, highest winter temperature, and the most sunny days in a year out of the three.

Coca-Cola World

There are many attractions in Atlanta including Coca-Cola World. I have been there myself and it is really cool. There is a room where there is coke products from all over the world that you can try and they taste very different. Before you leave, you also get a free glass coke to take home. (:


Although the unemployment rate is the highest, the job and future job growth rate is also the highest. Job growth rate is 1.77% this year and the future job growth rate is 35%. The living index is highest of the three cities at 77.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia aquarium is also one of many Georgia's attractions. It houses thousands of different species of animals using 10 million gallons of marine and salt water. It also happens to be the largest aquarium is the western hemisphere.