Malala Yousafzai

A sixteen year old leader.

Early Life of Malala

Malala was born on July 12,1997 in Mingora, Pakistan. At a very young age Malala became an advocate for girl's education.

Education for Girls

The Taliban started attacking girls' in school. This lead Malala to give a speech in Peshawar titled, "How Dare the Taliban Take Away My Basic Right to Education." Her activism lead to her being nominated for an International Children's Peace Prize.


When Malala was 14 she had a death threat against her. Her family believed that the fundamentalist group would not harm a young woman. On October 9th, 2012 a man boarded the bus and shot Malala and two other girls.


The bullet hit the left side of her head and traveled down her neck. The shooting left Malala in critical condition.

After Recovery

Malala started school in Birmingham in March of 2013. She was awarded the Sakharov Prive for Freedom of Thought. She was later nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.


Malala stood up for what she believed in,and in turn inspired many other girls and women.

Leadership Traits of Malala

Malala shows great courage and perseverance in standing up for what she believed in. Malala has qualities that many young women wish and persue to have. She is an inspiration to many and will be for a while to come.
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