Team 7 Newsletter

May 4-8

No School Monday May 4th!

Students will not be asked to attend live session or complete any new course work on Monday, May 4th. However, students can use this time to catch up on any work they are missing.

Contact Information for Teachers



phone: 785-289-9724 (Google Voice)

online: Schoology Messenger

Language Arts


phone: 785-915-1275 (Google Voice)

online: Schoology Messenger

Social Studies


online: Schoology Messenger



phone: 785-717-4844 (leave a voicemail it will be forwarded to my e-mail)

online: schoology messenger

Live Help Sessions

Teachers will be holding Live Helps Sessions during the following times:


Monday: 9:00-10:00am

Wednesday: 1:00-3:00pm

Friday: 9:00am-10:00am


Wednesday: 11:00 am - 11:30 am

Friday: 11:00 am - 11:30 am

Social Studies

Wednesdays 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fridays 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

ELL Aide Help Sessions

7th grade Math: Mon / Wed 9:40-9:55 & Mon / Wed 2:00-2:50; 7th grade Science: Mon / Wed 1:00-1:50

7th grade LA:Tues / Thurs 1:30-2:15;

ALL grades and all subjects: Fri 1:00-2:30

Technology Help

Help Desk

If your student is have problems with his/her tablet please contact the help desk.

phone: 785-717-4357

The Help desk is open from 7am-5:30pm

Student's Daily Expectations

Every day students are expected to attend live sessions, complete work for classes and check their email.

Live sessions are for students to ask questions and teachers to clarify certain concepts.

Daily work is for students to receive lessons and work on practice.

This means that work will be required of the student for each day of the week, even if the student does not meet for a live class that day.

So for example: a student in 2nd hour math attends a live session on Monday and Wednesday, and they have work that they need to complete for math Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Here is a daily checklist you can have your student follow...

Student Schedule and Class Information

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Translating the Newsletter

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Class Information


Only a few more weeks left!

Thank you for working with me and your student during this time. I know that it has been difficult. Please remember that I am here to help, please have your student reach out to me if he/she is struggling. I am here to help your child succeed!

Below are the following things for my class:

  • A snapshot of the calendar for the week of what will be expected from students everyday
  • A brief description of what my office hours looks like
  • Course Syllabus

Week at a Glance

At the top of each day is the topic that will be covered, each bullet point is the things that need to be completed that day.
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Office Hours

I will meet with students who sign up for my office hours through Zoom.

Students will receive an email from me with a link to join the Zoom meeting. Students should click that link at the start of their office hours in order to meet with me.

It is very important that if a student does not need to meet that day, they either remove their name from the sign up sheet or email me saying they do not need to meet.

Updated Math Syllabus

Language Arts

This week's article in CommonLit:

"How Jackie Robinson Changed Baseball"

Essential Questions:

How did Jackie Robinson challenge the status quo (current system/authority)?

What were the positives and/or negatives of him doing so?

**Please make sure you are watching all videos in the Live Lesson folder (inside the Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday folders). These videos explain and go over all assignments.

LA Week at a Glance

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If students need help, please have them contact me through email. We will set up a meeting to work on whatever they are struggling with, whether it's the assignment, understanding the text, or the website itself.

Helpful Tools for external sites in Language Arts

Social Studies

Week 5: May 4th- May 9th

We are cruising though Sub-Saharan Africa, and exploring a lot of new information! This week, we will finish our discussion on African History and political cartoons, and begin to discuss modern issues in the region today. The graded assignment that we start after the 2nd live sessions will be creating an Anti-Poaching Infographic. More instructions will be available soon, but this should be a fun assignment where students can get very creative!

I will also post a tutorial video for the infographic, since it is a longer assignment, and could get complicated if I just turn students loose on it. The video I post should answer a lot of questions, but I will be very available for help via email or zoom meetings as well!

Total for the week, we have 2 assignments:

SS Africa Create a Political Cartoon (practice)

SS Africa Anti Poaching Infographic (graded)

Remember, if students are struggling or having any issues, they can contact me about them via email, or we can schedule office hours to work on things as well!

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Health Update

Dear parents,

Due to the transition to online learning, we will be modifying the topics for our health unit. You probably received a letter with the original topics with your child’s grade card, please disregard those topics for this school year. The following is a list of topics that we will focus on. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

7th Grade topics-

· 7th grade - "Stranger Danger" - what could happen if you are talking to people you do not know online?

All grades – (Pearson Book)

· Smoking/Vaping

· Substance abuse - alcohol and other drugs

· Skin safety - (I'm dubbing it Summer Safety Tips - we could add why we should drink water, etc.)

· Infectious Diseases - how they spread - why it is important to wash your hands

· Non-infections diseases (just so they see not everything is contagious/to be afraid of.)


Excited to keep learning about astronomy and space with you and your students.

Please do not get overwhelmed if you cannot get into pearson. I have copied the textbook pages that are needed for that days assignment in the directions. Just scroll below the directions to find them. Pearson assignments are optional, just more diagrams, videos, and some virtual labs to help with understanding. The assignments students are responsible for completing are all in schoology.

I have set up open zoom sessions a couple of times a week that any student can attend for extra help in science. These days are Wednesday at 11:00 am and Friday at 11:00am. The session is open 30 minutes for students to pop into the meeting and ask their questions. They do not have to stay the entire time, but the venue also allows screen sharing if they are struggling with completing assignments. The link is now in schoology under Zoom Help Sessions.

E-mailing also works well :)

Our next chapter is an introduction to the solar system. We are looking at the scale of the solar system and comparisons to Earth. There is a weekly graded assignment review on Thursday.

After the quick introduction, there is another 80% grade. The Space Exploration Project has students researching specific information about a planet they have been assigned. jPlanet assignments will show in the student's assignment list on the right side of the schoology page (ex: Mars Space Exploration Project due May 7). The guidelines, rubric, and a power point template is available in the Monday folder. The project is an individual grade, the power point template unfortunately was save incorrectly, but easy fix when they put their names on the slide the rest is erased. The project is due May 7.

Hope you are all staying healthy. If you have questions, please let me know.

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