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November2020 - Cultivating a CREEK Community of Excellence!

Our mission is to prepare our students to succeed in a global society through a quality education.

Tis the Season

All around, we are beginning to see winter holiday decor. You have winter holiday movies, decorations and even a holiday song or two on the radio. You almost have to check yourself to remind yourself of what month it is. Though the Winter season is quickly approaching, this is generally the time that we are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, and are reflecting on what we are thankful for.

Viktor Frankl, stated that , "The last of human freedoms is the ability to chose one's attitude especially an atitude of gratitude in a given set of circumstances especially in difficult circumstances.

During my own reflection on gratitute, I had a wondering. I often hear gratitude and appreciation and thankfulness used interchageably and I wondered what the differences were between these sentiments.

Through my Google action reseach, I came to the understanding the following from several sources:


Gratitude may be a deep appreciation of someone or something that produces long lasting positivity.

It may be an emotion we feel about having received something good.

Gratitude can help people focus on what they have instead of what they lack, and the feeling grows stronger with practice.


To be appreciative is to be grateful.

Appreciation can soothe us and connect us with ordinary things that we may otherwise take for granted.


A feeling of or expression of gratitude; appreciation

I also found that they each come from the Latin word gratus, which in essence means to praise, greet or welcome. During this time, we are feeling so many different things. The impacts of the pandemic and societial stressors create impacts on our mental and emotional health that can compound and make us feel depressed, stress, and anxious among other things. These things are real, and we have to acknowledge the impact they have on our lives.

From the research and from personal experience, practicing gratitutde, appreciation and thankfulness can generate positivity, hope and in many instances happiness. The more we practice thankfulness the more we realize and appreciate the beauty that is in our lives. I've been encouraged to hear thankfulness and gratitude in the conversations with others in our school community about things and people in their lives, in spite of what is going on around of us. It breeds gratitude and appreciation and the cycle goes on and on.

I challenge each of us to practice gratitute and thankfulness not just in this Thanksgiving season, but routinely. It is always the season for gratitude and thankfulness. Whenever thoughts of stress or depression begins to sink in, I challenge us to turn our thoughts to reflections of gratitude and thankfulness. It may not change circumstances, but it may change our focus and our outlook as it relates to the frame of our circumstances. Some people choose to keep a gratitute journal, some write thank you notes, meditate and/or pray . Some people verbally share kind words or offer their thanks in other ways. Anyway we choose to express our gratitute and our thankfulness will be well received to others and to ourselves.

An attitude of gratitute is also a choice, and one that we and others can benefit from. I have come to witness that an attibute of many Mavericks is an attitude of gratitute and a heart for thankfulness. As we continue to move through a difficult leg of our life's jouney, lets make gratitute a practice that we hold on to and practice on a regular basis. It will generate smiles, positive vibes and in many cases joy.

I am thankful for each of you. I am thankful for our school community and family. I am thankful, in advance, for what we will do together in and through these trying times. I am thankful for smiles, laughts, and the kind words that you share with our school family. I am thankful for your families, and for your present, because I get to be a part of it. I have so much to be thankful for. All of us do. Enjoy uncovering and lifting each of those things up.

"Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitutde." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


During the month of November our first official seasons will be Cross Country, Volleyball, and Swim (will start later this month). XC and VB will begin Nov 4th -Jan. Dates for home events are listed in the dates section at the bottom of the newsletter.

Due to our limited capacity of 25 spectators for indoor events, VB will only have parents/families in attendance at our events. This is across the board for CMS schools. No school staff or other spectators are permitted unless you are gameday operations. We will live stream all indoor events and outdoor events in our football/soccer stadium. Please see the link below.

Live Stream of Games:

Thank you all for your support of athletics in the past and we hope to be able to continue to support us from where you are. Your support is vital to our department as our kids are STUDENT-athletes and your role extends beyond academics to many of our young men and women. Let’s GO MAV’S #CreekLife #BeDistinguished

Quante’ Speight, Athletic Director

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @MCMavsAthletics

Athletic Apparel Website:

Athletics Website:

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Final Testing Schedule

The end of the semester is quickly occurring! There have been some updates for our 1st semester schedule of exams. Please see the current schedule below. Any additional changes that may occur and final details will be communicated in an ongoing manner beginning early December. Please make every effort to ensure that your scholar is able to complete their designated final exams:

Mid-Terms for A/B Day Classes - Remote - Week of December 7

Students who are enrolled in A/B day classes will take their mid-term exams between December 8-11. Teachers will communicate with the students regarding the day of their mid-term exam.

World Language (Spanish I & French I ), REMOTE - Testing through December 11

Students who are enrolled in French I and Spanish I will take their final assessments REMOTELY through December 11. The assessments will count as an assessment for 2nd quarter, but not as a final exam. There are no final exams for French and Spanish II and III.

CTE & EOC & Work Keys for qualifying mid-year graduates Finals

(English II, Biology, Math I, Math III & CTE Courses) - FACE TO FACE @MCHS

Week of December 14 - 7:15 am - 11:30 am

Full remote or face to face students who are currently enrolled in one of the EOC or CTE courses or qualifying mid-year graduates who must take the Work Keys assessment must return for face to face final exams the week of December 14 based on state regulations. (All students in rotation A, B, C, D (full remote academy) who take any of these courses) The exams will begin December 15 and will follow the schedule below. Safety precautions are in place for the face to face exams to ensure the safety of our students, staff and families. A video depicting our testing environment and testing details will be sent out in the upcoming weeks.

Due to transportation being provided, the exams will be administered on our regular school exam schedule, which has a school start time of 7:15 and an end time around 11:30. Students will be dismissed when the testing session has been completed. Students will enter the building, remain in one class of 12 students or less and be dismissed in waves. All safety procedures, including strickly following the 3 W's and safety screening procedures, will be enforced. Students should attend on their designated testing day, but if they miss their scheduled testing date, they can come on any subsequent day for make-up testing.

The final exam for these classes count 20% of your child's final grade in their course. Students who do not take the exam will receive a zero (0) for the exam and it will be calculated as 20% of your child's overall grade per state policy. If there are any changes to the face to face testing regulations, we will communicate those to you directly.

Students were to sign up for transportation if they needed it. If they know that they will need bus transportation, but did not sign up for it, please ask them to let their teacher know and we will collect those names.

Please see the finals schedule below:

Monday, December 14 - Work Keys Exam (Qualifying Mid-Year Graduates Only)

Tuesday, December 15 - 1st Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses) & Work Keys make-ups

Wednesday, December 16 - 2nd Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses) & Make-Ups

Thursday, December 17 - 3rd Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses) & Make-Ups

Friday, December 18 - 4th Block Finals (face to face finals for CTE & EOC courses ) & Make-Ups

Monday, December 21st - Make-Ups

All other courses - NO FINAL EXAM

All other courses including other Arts, Health/P/E, Social Studies, Math, Science, World Language and English courses will not have final exams. The final grade of the semester will be calculated using the average of the Q1 + Q2 final grade.

If you have any questions about the exam schedule, please reach out to your child's teacher, counselor or administrator.

ACCESS 24 - Survey

Dear parent/guardian,

As you know, Mallard Creek High School is committed to fostering the highest quality

learning experience for its students. As one example of this commitment, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools has partnered with Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), a national non-profit education organization, to examine and develop the learning culture within our schools and develop strategies to increase student participation in challenging high school coursework.

To support these goals, we will be encouraging all students to participate in a brief survey

sometime before the Thanksgiving holiday. Survey questions will address students’ views on their coursework, their school experience, and the ways in which our school supports their

educational goals. Results will only be used to identify students who are prepared for more

challenging coursework, and to build upon academic supports for students now and in the years to come. The students can take the survey on any device they have, and they don’t have to complete it in one sitting they can leave and return to it at a later time but we will provide class time for students to complete the survey and we ask that students use that time to complete it.

We foresee only positive benefits for your student(s) and are excited to gather data that will

enable us to better prepare all students to succeed in reaching their educational and

professional goals. If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, or the partnership more generally, please do not hesitate to contact myself or project leads, Assistant Principal Conner or Ms. Delarede.

Next Semester's Schedule

Student schedules for next semester are available to review in PowerSchool. If there are any holes in the schedule, please reach out to your child's counselor this week. Counselors are working to ensure that all schedules are fully filled for the spring semester by November 24.
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Requests for Changes to/from Face to Face & Remote Academy - Deadline Change

During a previous CMS Board of Education meeting, a plan for the district to phase in from a Plan C to Plan B was approved. High Schools are scheduled to phase back in in late December for exams, but will be fully engaged in Plan B beginning 2nd semester. We are in the process of planning for the return of our students to face to face instruction. We will be preparing to phase students in safely and smoothly.

Families were able to sign up for full remote academy for the year. Families who chose the full remote academy have the option to choose face to face instruction for 2nd semester. Families who didn't sign up for the full remote academy this semester have the opportunity to sign up for the full remote academy for 2nd semester. Current full remote academy families who want to opt out of the full remote academy to participate in face to face instruction for the spring or families who would like to newly sign up for the full remote academy for 2nd semester must do so by Novemer 30, 2020 - PLEASE MAKE A NOTE IN THE DEADLINE DATE CHANGE. Please use the form below to make the change.

If you have any questions about the form, remote instruction or Plan B, please make a note of your questions in the form, and an administrator or another staff member will follow up with you to answer those questions.

A survey will be available Nov. 16 on the CMS website and on individual school websites regarding the need for CMS-provided transportation for second semester. Families will need to have their child’s student ID number to begin the survey. All families must let the district know if they require morning and/or afternoon bus transportation so that an accurate schedule can be made. The survey must be completed by Nov. 30. Please complete the survey, but also complete the form above for changes in your full remote academy/face to face reqeusts before November 30. Thank you.

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School Groups - Communication Contacts

We have a wealth of school organizations, clubs and groups, and it can sometimes be daunting trying to find the contact information in a central location. Our Website is our school hub for communications, and we send information out through other means. Each of our groups and organizations have their own contact information as well. Below is a link to list of contact information for our various organizations, groups and clubs. The list will continue to be updated. Thank you to our Executive Class Council (ECC )for creating this list for our school community to use:

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Grades: Parent Portal & Grade Letters

Please continue to reflect on your childs grades and progress using the Canvas app and the Powerschool Parent Portal. Please reach out to your child's counselor if you need to register for the portal. They will be able to give you your unique pin for registration. It is important that you communicate with your child about their class attendance and engagement. Students should be actively engaged in their classes daily and complete their assisgments with care. Also, please contact your child's teachers if you have any questions or needs regarding how to partner together for the success of your child.

Students who failed a course 1st quarter and who are still failing a course second semester will have letters mailed to their families. Families will receive or recently received letters through the mail. The letter includes possible next steps, strategies and the progress of your child in classes that they are currently not thriving in.

Upon receipt and review of the letter, please reach out to your childs teacher and/or counselor to discuss a plan of action to increase student success.

Thanksgiving Holiday

We will all observe the Thanksgiving Holiday from Wedneday, November 25 - Friday, November 27. There will not be classes on any of those dates.

Early Release Day - December 9

Our next scehduled early release day is December 9. Students will have shortened class blocks and will fininsh their instructional day at 11:30 pm. A copy of the schedule for the day is below.
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Senior Portraits

We have TWO DAYS left until the road shoot for Cady studios @MCHS for senior portraits.

Hello, Seniors and Parents of the Class of 2021!

Cady Studios will be at The Creek on Tuesday, November 17 ONLY for on-location senior portrait sessions. You MUST book an appointment for your spot now at Cady Studios. Remember that ONLY Cady Studios Senior Portraits will be published in the yearbook and used for graduation. Families who already have appointents scheduled for the studio may continue to keep the appointment, but seniors who are in still need of an appointment should make theirs today for this opportunity.

Please email Michelle Strantz with any questions. Thank You! --2021 Yearbook Staff

Mid-Year Graduation - Mid-Year Graduates Only

The format for CMS 2020-21 mid-year graduation ceremonies has been finalized and will again involve virtual graduation ceremonies followed by a diploma drive through celebration on each school campus.

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Our virtual graduation ceremony will be shown at 7:30pm. It will be televised on CMS channel 3 and available over numerous social media outlets.
  • Thursday, January 14, 2021 Diploma pick-up drive-through celebration, outdoors, on our school campus between 3:00-4:45pm. (Specific directions will be shared with mid-year graduates closer to the date)
  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021 Diploma pick-up drive-through inclement weather day – used only if school is canceled on January 14.

Congratulations Mid-Year Graduates! We are so proud of you!

Early Release Students - Face to Face Students Only who have early release

Any student who will be returning to face to face instruction during 2nd semester and who has an early release schedule must ensure that they have secured transportation from school daily immediately after their final class. Students who have an early release schedule are generally seniors who do not have a 3rd or 4th block class on campus. Students who have an early release schedule must exit campus directly after their last class. Students who have an early release schedule, but has not secured transportation to be able to leave campus daily after their final class will be scheduled additional courses to complete their schedule for the day or should consider joining the full remote academy. Please contact your child's counselor if you have question or needs regarding their early release schedule.


There is a group of students in each grade level who still needs to complete immunization or NC physical requirements in order to be compliant with NC immunization requirements. If you have received a call or a letter regarding your child's immunization needs, please complete those action items for compliance as soon as possible. The deadline for meeting the immunication requirements have been extended through the end of December.

There are special opportunities to receive health assessments and immunizations if your child or children are still in need of either. The fliers for upcoming opportunities are attached in English and Spanish below. Please contact your childs physician, the health department or other health care providers to schedule your childs missing immunizations or health assessment as soon as possible. If you have questions or needs about completing those requirements, please call our school at 980-343-1341 to speak with Nurse Anderson.

2020 - 2021 Yearbook Purchases - On Sale Now!

Yearbooks for the 2020-2021 school year are on sale now. The yearbook will be a cherished momento and a historical reflection of the unique year that 2020-2021 is shaping up to be.

  • Your 2021 Yearbook is now on sale! The lowest price of the year (including free personalization) ends on November 20.

  • Parents, Senior dedications are now on sale and space is limited. It's time to celebrate the class of 2021!!

For more information including ordering dedications & yearbooks, submitting senior quotes, participating in weekly yearbook stories, and more, please visit our new Yearbook & School Photos website here:

Families can use this link to order their yearbook today:

The custom QR code below will also take you to the ordering site for the yearbook. Please use either route to order your yearbook today!
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Upcoming Dates - November

  • November - 16 - Home Cross Country Meet 3:00 (Indy, Vance, Hough)

  • November - 17 - On Site Senior Portraits

  • November - 17 - Home Volleyball Game vs Vance- Senior Night JV 4/Varsity 5:30

  • November - 17 & 18 - Progress Reports

  • Week of November 17 - ACCESS 24 Student Survey; No Advisory Block

  • November - 23 - Home Cross Country Meet 3:00 (Vance, Hopewell, Mooresville)

  • November 24 - Home Volleyball Game vs Hopewell - JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • November - 25-27 - Thanksgiving Holiday (no school for students)

  • November - 30 - Home Cross Country Meet 3:00 ( N Meck, POB, Olympic)

  • December - 7 - Home Cross Country Meet 3:00 ( Garinger, Vance, Olympic)

  • December - 8 - Home Volleyball game vs Mooresville JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • December 9 - Early Release Day - Students released from school at 11:30 am

  • December 8-11 - Mid-Terms for A/B day classes

  • December 14 - 21 - WorkKeys for mid-year grads & finals (see article in newsletter)

  • December - 18 - Home Volleyball Game vs Lake Norman JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • December - 19 - Home Volleyball Game vs West Charlotte JV 11/ Varsity 12:30

  • December 21 - Last Day of 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester

  • December 22-January 4 - Winter Break

  • December - 22 - Home Volleyball Game vs N Meck JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • December - 28 - Home Cross Country Meet 3:00 ( Hopewell, WC, Hickory Ridge)

  • January - 5 - Home Volleyball game vs Hough JV 4/ Varsity 5:30

  • January 5 - 1st Day of Face to Face Instruction (Rotation: B)

PTSA - Harris Teeter's Together in Education Program - Link your Card Today!

Dear Maverick Family,

We need your help. Every year beginning August 1st, the Mallard Creek High School PTSA proudly joins Harris Teeter's Together in Education program to help raise funds for our school. It's easy and it's FREE. We can't be successful without your support. All you have to do is give the cashier our code, 6376, and your VIC card when you shop at Harris Teeter and your card will be linked to our school for the entire year. You can also link your card using your online Harris Teeter account or the Harris Teeter app.This program does not interfere with your VIC savings or cost you any money.You can link up to 5 schools on your card! Ask your family and friends who shop at Harris Teeter to link their card to Mallard Creek High School PTSA as well using any of the methods mentioned above. Remember, please don't forget to link your VIC card to our account code next time you are shopping at Harris Teeter.

Thank you for your support!

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Maverick Pride!

Have a Great November!

Say "Thank You" - A Motivational Video On The Importance Of Gratitude