Tilman Ruff is entered in big award

Two World wars had a family suffer for many years

View on Nuclear Weapons

Tilman Ruff is an anti-nuclear activist also a Australian public health and infectious diseases physician. Ruff lived through two World Wars in his lifetime. What his grandmother said is,

"When the next war comes I want the first bomb to drop on my head."

Ruff and his family have these raw memories for life now. Tilman Ruff was included in the (American Strategic Policy) limiting the use of nuclear weapons. When Ruff was a teen he was heavily influenced by both his family and his brother who is also an activist. During Ruff's course of studying medical studies, he had 2 doctors saying nuclear war was also a threat. One of them was Dr.Helen Caldicott, an international physician for prevention of nuclear war. The number of nuclear weapons was up to 70,000 in 1986, but since then it has been reduced to 23,000.

Why Tilman Ruff should win the World Peace Prize

Best Activist

Even though Tilman Ruff has won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985, I believe he sould win the World Peace Prize. What Tilman Ruff has done with his team the ASP (American Starategic Policy) Atomic Scientists reduced the doomsday clock back 5 to 6 minutes to midnight. Tilman Even said himself, "The political space for Obama to push the nuclear disarmament agenda as strongly as he has." Also US nuclear posture review, which pledges not to use atomic weapons on non-nuclear county's and the signing of the new weapons treaty between the US and Russia. Ruff has also said "After a cold war there was this kind of misguided lapse into somnolence, and a misplaced sense of relief, that the risk of nuclear confrontation was off the agenda it wasn't."
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