United Kingdom

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The date the United Kingdom joined the European Union was: 1973

My country was a founder of the European Union.

History of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom used to own 1/4 of the earth's surface. They are still an active member in the European Union. The first half of the century the United Kingdom watched its strength deplete after three world wars. The second half of the century got to watch the dismantling of the empire, and how the UK is turning itself into a modern European nation. The United Kingdom hasn't been a part of another country at any point but they had other countries that they would make be them.

Some of the United Kingdoms major cities

The capital of the United Kingdom is London, England

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The UK is located in between North Atlantic Ocean, and North Sea. It is northwest of France. The English Channel is south of the United Kingdom.

Flag of the United Kingdom

The Flag has a blue background with a Red Cross on it for Saint George. On the edge there are a diagonal white cross.

3 interesting facts of United Kingdom

  • Whales and Dolphins are three miles from shore in United Kingdom
  • The United Kingdom is made up out of 4 countries: Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England
  • There are more chickens than humans in the UK.

The United Kingdom's currency type

British Pound Money

The United Kingdom Government type

Constitutional Monarchy and Common Wealth Realm

Constitutional Monarchy is when the king or queen is head of the state

Common Wealth Realm is the members when reigning

The United Kingdom Physical Features

It has one sixth part of Ireland in the United Kingdom. The North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea has the United Kingdom in between it. The United Kingdom is northwest of France.