Spinal Meningitis

Description of Bacteria

- Occurs when bacteria enters the bloodstream, attacking the brain and spinal cord.


- It can attack by the spread of an ear/sinus infection, a skull fracture, and rarely some surgeries. It spreads through sexual contact, saliva, nasal discharge, and feces.

Common Victims

- It mostly affects children and adults under the age of 30.

Hideout Of The Culprit

- It is often found is soft cheeses, hot dogs, and lunch meats.


- Sudden high fever, headache, stiff neck, vomiting, seizures, sensitivity to light, and skin rashes.

Armed and Dangerous

It is highly fatal if not treated in enough time. The death rate is 15% but only for those who seek treatment.

Number of Victims

- Approximentally 11,111 deaths per yer world wide.


- This bacteria comes in many forms and will cause inflammation of the spine and brain in some cases.


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