The Kill Order

Written by James Dashner

Why I read it

Something some people don't know about this book is that it is the prequel to the New York Times Bestselling series, The Maze Runner. I of course read the first 3 books to that series before reading this and loved them. Once I finished the last book, I felt like there was still more to the series that I didn't read. That is when I found out about the The Kill Order. I really wanted to read this book to try and better understand the world before the maze and dig deeper into this story that I loved.

If this was the last book you were to ever read, would it be worth it?

I would have to say yes. If you were to have read the other books before this one, it would defiantly be a good last book to read. It helps you better understand this world that the author James Dashner created. It digs deeper into some characters lives and you find out different things about each person. I would defiantly recommend this for anyone's last book.

"The memories. They never let him go, not even for a half hour. They always had to rush back in, bringing all the horror." -Page 13 out of 327

Some things I liked, and things I didn't about the book

Things I liked

  • Learned more about one characters background - I don't want to spoil the book but you definitely get to learn a lot more about one of the main characters from the other 3 books.
  • Went more in detail about what happened to the real world - Since these books were told thirteen years before the maze it was interesting to see what the world was like then.
  • Told from a different person's point of view - It was nice to be able to follow someone else on a journey even though it is the same kind of story. It was cool too see how people viewed the world and compare what they did and didn't know or like about it.
Things I didn't like

  • Different people - I did like hearing from different peoples perspectives, but I did miss the original characters. It's hard sometimes to start a new book and have to figure out new characters.
  • Not really knowing how it connects to the other books - I was confused the entire book wondering how this connected to the other books...Until the very end which was very exciting and shocking.

In detail, explain what statement your book is saying about the themes of family, community, the country or people.

There are some pretty big themes in this book. The family thing is one of the biggest ones because the main character, Mark, doesn't have any family left. All he has is people that he knew awhile back, but no real family members. The community is also a big part of this story. All these people have to always be working together if they want to survive out in the woods.