Good or bad?

Benefits to communism!

There are many ways that communism is one of the greater economic systems. Communism is a economic that is based on equality and strong social communities meaning that their government cares about you and the entire community. Another benefit is that all citizens can keep their jobs and don't have to worry about being replaced by another person so they may provide themselves.
What Is Communism?

Communism bad???

Communism gets a lot of criticism, especially from america and that is due to the fact that america doesn't have a communistic based system. Some people say that Communism has total control over the people, but actually, having a government like that that create competition among people for certain things causing anarchy in the community. Communism also provides free health care to its people instead of having to worry about having to little money for health care.

"For a better tomorrow and for those you love, come to a communistic economy today!"