March 13th, 2015

News and Updates from FSMA

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What a great ending to our week!

All FSMA teachers attended the American Montessori Society's Annual Conference in Philadelphia on Friday. This professional development day was full of new learning. We were immersed in a variety of workshops and have many new ideas to bring back to the classroom. The day was an incredible learning experience and we are so grateful for all of the fundraising that was done to help us get here. As FSMA teachers mingled around hundreds of other Montessorians, they were full of smiles and enthusiasm. As you walked by them you would hear them excitedly sharing about the workshop they attended and debating which one to head to next. Simply put, it was a great day! We are ready for Chicago next year (hint, hint!)
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Art in April

We are excited to announce that our young artists will have a show of their work during the month of April at the Wilmington Library! The opening at the library will be part of Wilmington’s Art Loop on Friday, April 3rd from

5-8pm, and you are encouraged to attend. I am told that a book sale, which happens April 17th - April 23rd, will make the show less accessible, so please avoid those dates. Otherwise, come and see our students’ work, and get a glimpse of the books and oral stories, which have inspired them. What a fabulous celebration of our opening year!

We are incredibly grateful to families who have volunteered regularly in the art room, donated 72 handmade smocks, gifted beautiful books about art and artists, helped (and will help) to prepare the exhibit, and supported our work with kind words. Our inspiring art program is the result of great cooperative effort.

What's happening next week?

3/18 - 2/3 grade to see Delaware Symphony Orchestra's performance of Peter and the Wolf

3/20 - 4//5/6 grade to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia